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    Thread: ABD Racing Lower Intercooler Tube Group Buy | TKO Motorwerks

    1. 11-09-2006 04:21 PM #1

      ABD Racing has given us the green light to pass on additional savings exclusively to VWVortex members on their New Beetle 1.8T Lower Intercooler Tube in the form of a group buy. As a proud distributor of ABD Racing products, TKOmotorwerks is happy to be given the opportunity to reward VWVortex members for their continued patronage and support by offering specials and savings towards quality merchandise.
      ABD Racing Lower Intercooler Tube:

      ABD Racing's New Beetle 1.8T Lower Intercooler Tube is a direct replacement for the factory "pancake" pipe located in the passenger-side fender well. The factory pipe is restrictive due to it's non-uniform shape. The new ABD Racing part is a larger diameter mandrel bent tube so it stays the same diameter from start to finish. This part is 57mm so airflow to the Intercooler is much improved and noticeable gains in throttle response are felt with the use of this part. With the new, improved design as of '05, the part is now constructed completly out of aluminum for better flow. The ABD Racing lower intercooler tube installs in minutes as all attachment points are in the original location. Ceramic coated brilliant silver to keep intake temperatures cooler.
      Horse-power gains with this piece are minimal (2-4hp at best) but the throttle response is increased and is definitely noticed after install. More importantly, the air-flow to the intercooler is increased significantly improving the efficiency of your stock intercooler.
      Installation is simple enough but we'll be doing one ourselves in the next day or two and will put up a small write-up on how it's done and include pictures on the way so keep this in your 'watched topics'.
      MSRP: $119.95 + shipping | Group Buy Price: $100.00 SHIPPED!!
      In order to take advantage of this group buy price, please contact us by phone (253.333.8TKO [8856]) so we can collect your billing and shipping information and add your name to the list below. Once all 20 spots have been filled, we will begin to ship the orders and process credit card payments. These pieces are in stock and ready to ship immediately!
      All credit card transactions will be processed the day the order ships. Those whose payments do not get processed will result in holding up everyone else's order so make sure you are willing to commit otherwise you will have as many as 19 other VWVortex members upset that their order is not shipping. We will not be held responsible for the delay of shipping out any orders if all 20 names are not filled and paid up!
      Group Buy Participants:
      01. Boosted B5
      Those who do not wish to participate in the group buy but would like to take advantage of the TKO Sale Price can click on the image above to be directed to our website for purchase or you can call us and place your order to receive the free shipping offer in addition to the sale price we have listed.

      If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to post up in this thread. We can be reached via VWVortex IM or email (info@tkomotorwerks.com) and by phone, 253.333.8TKO [8856].

      Modified by TKO Motorwerks at 4:08 PM 11-20-2006

    2. 11-12-2006 02:54 PM #2
      bump for the buy.

    3. Member crazywayne311's Avatar
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      Jan 28th, 2006
      2017 F150
      11-12-2006 03:14 PM #3
      anyone going to jump on this? i thought this was worth 100 bucks...
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      Quote Originally Posted by patrikman View Post
      Don't **** with Wayne. He is crazy and likes 311.

    4. Member dubracer84's Avatar
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      Nov 12th, 2003
      Dingmans Ferry, PA
      1992 VW Jetta GL
      11-13-2006 09:47 PM #4
      wish I had 100 bucks...

    5. 11-14-2006 11:23 PM #5
      will you ship to Canada for that price???

    6. 11-15-2006 01:14 PM #6
      For this specific promotion, yes.

    7. Member stolkramaker's Avatar
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      Mar 25th, 2006
      MKV Rabbit
      12-20-2006 01:59 PM #7
      I would do it.

    8. 12-20-2006 02:28 PM #8
      Quote, originally posted by TKO Motorwerks »
      In order to take advantage of this group buy price, please contact us by phone (253.333.8TKO [8856]) so we can collect your billing and shipping information and add your name to the list below.

    9. Member crazyass713's Avatar
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      Dec 27th, 2006
      01 Golf mid-enine 2.7T Twincharged, 04 B6 USP 2.0T built
      12-29-2006 10:37 PM #9
      will this part also fit my 2001 Golf 1.8T?
      2001 Golf mid-engine RWD Allroad 01E 2.7T TVS1320 BW S374 twincharged (long title, I know)

      2004 A4 Ultrasport 2.0T 3076R built to the hilt all the way around (daily sleeper status)

    10. 12-30-2006 04:39 PM #10
      Sure will. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    11. Member JumpalTurbo5's Avatar
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      Feb 20th, 2003
      01-04-2007 09:30 PM #11
      Bump for the only active group buy post I found.

    12. 01-05-2007 06:41 PM #12

      ... And it's still not even that active.

    13. 03-03-2007 04:18 PM #13
      Quote, originally posted by TKO Motorwerks »

      ... And it's still not even that active.

      That's cuz the price isn't anything special. A sale price....maybe, but not worthy of a group buy price. Figure you're getting free shipping over what you'd pay elsewhere.

    14. Member hockpunk426's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2006
      Chicago, IL
      08 Jetta Wolfsburg
      03-05-2007 01:40 AM #14
      your talken 20 bucks difference and its even less because your web site offers better pricing, it was a nice thought but no thanks!

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