OK, I just recieved some A8L (12 spoke) Replicas, and their offset is ET35.

Now I'm debating on which springs to get, H&R Sports or Race... And also what tire size, 215's or 225's

here's a pic of H&R sports installed on 17's... looking at the pic, ET 35 would definitely fill out the wheel wells, and make a flush look.
borrowed pic: the traveler...

and here's a pic of a MKV slammed on Race springs...
borrowed pic: Mchu86... keep in mind he has ET30 on the back w/ 215's

I'm not sure what i should go with! i'm always cruisin around with 3 people, including myself, and i'm already @ 230 lbs (built, not fat, lol)

should i go with Race springs and 215/40's all around or...

Sport springs and 225/40's

Let me know what you think!

Thanks in advance!

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