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    Thread: NSU Parts Resources

    1. 12-09-2006 02:04 AM #1
      NSU TT/TTS resource list

      http://www.spiess-tuning.de Spiess Motorenbau Race parts
      http://www.nsu-tt.de NSU TT/TTS Rennsportzentrum Cars, Stock and race parts
      http://www.saelzer-motorsport.de Saelzer Motorsport Race parts
      http://www.sammy-nsu.de.tf J. Keilhofer Race and replacement parts
      http://www.manfredfeik.de Manfred Feik Replacement parts
      http://www.greenfrog-racing.de K.H. Schepeler Stock and race parts
      http://www.nsu-autoteile.de Frank Mellmann Stock and race parts

      Stock parts
      H. H. Walter
      Industrieweg 2
      32657 Lemgo
      Phone: +49 (0)5261 72505
      Fax: +49 (0)5261 71509

      Stock and race parts
      Frank Mellmann
      Hauptstrasse 27
      22929 Rausdorf
      Phone: +49 (0)451 2033525
      Fax: +49 (0)451 2033521

      Race Suspension parts
      Rear heim joint conversion, front (Koni)/rear height height adjustment,
      CV joint conversion, stronger drive shafts and rear stub axles
      Wieland Koch
      Hahnhofer Weg 2
      90537 Feucht
      Phone & Fax: +49 (0)9128 5727
      Please contact me if you have questions since Wieland has some problems with English

      5 Speed conversion
      Karl Heinz Willot
      Please post other sources in this thread!
      I will try to edit this post and add other resources as well for RO80 and other NSU vehicles.

      Modified by Alexander at 4:39 AM 4/30/2009

    2. Member Sepp's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 9th, 2002
      Cheticamp Nova Scotia//PDX OR
      '80's import Homologation cars.
      12-12-2006 09:55 PM #2
      Great info. Thanks!!!!!!!
      If you have a 5 cylinder, you don't need a stereo.

      What is a Homologation car you ask?

    3. 01-19-2007 06:39 PM #3
      I am trying to get in touch with you.
      I have a 1967 TTS in California, former race car.
      Email me at Alpinaturbo@yahoo.com.
      Looking forward to hear back.

    4. 01-24-2007 03:27 PM #4

      Quote, originally posted by alpinaturbo »
      I have a 1967 TTS in California, former race car.
      That's great! Do you have any pictures?

    5. 01-27-2007 11:37 PM #5
      Updated with race suspension parts source and 5 speed tranny conversion source.

    6. 04-29-2009 01:20 PM #6
      I have been buying parts from Frank Mellmann, he now has a Website.
      Best Regards,
      Ricardo Ramalho

    7. 04-30-2009 05:40 AM #7
      Thanks for the Frank Mellmann link.
      I have updated the original post to include it.

    8. 07-01-2009 12:40 AM #8
      I like the fact that the Frank Mellmann site has a fully english interface available. I know I know I'm a lazy North American... but it's really nice!

    9. Junior Member
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      Aug 12th, 2010
      Ridgecrest, California
      1988 Audi 90, 1993 Audi 90S, both front drive five speed manual
      08-18-2010 12:54 PM #9
      Are there any Ro 80's in the US? Is it possible to register one here? If there was ever a weird, rare European car I would love to own, that is the one.

    10. 12-02-2012 02:42 PM #10
      I am helping a friend research parts for his restoration of a 1959 NSU Sports Prinz in London Ontario Canada. I saw the listings of parts places overseas at the begiing of this thread and was wondering how current they are and if anyone know of someone who has parts available.

    11. n00b
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      Dec 7th, 2012
      1963 NSU Sport Prinz
      12-07-2012 01:46 AM #11
      Racer44, I found this site while researching NSU 1200. I have a Sport Prinz. Parts for the 2 cylinders are hard to find in North America. They pop up on craigslist and eBay time to time. Your friend should join the NSU email list and check into the NSU groups on Facebook if he uses FB.

      Phil, this is 2 years too late, but just in case you're subscribed, they sold Ro80s in the US. They pop up for sale once in a rare while. The K70 is neat, but mostly the ones you see in the US are ones badged VW. They were the first water cooled VW I believe.

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