I asked this a few months ago in the mk2 forum but nobody replied. Does anybody know where i can find the 1980's Footage of the German Prison Inmates who were used as Volkswagen and BMW crash test dummies? It is the funniest thing ive seen in my life. They are told that they can be released from prison if they do the government a deed by acting as a human crash test dummy. What they arent told is that the last test that they do is practically impossible to survive. IT shows in-car video and closeups in slow motion of a 29 year old german convict who slams an old vw into a cinder-block wall at 110 mph and flips it 14 times into a snow filled ditch and they have another video of a guy doing a rollover test in a bmw 325 acrossed a huge cement parking lot at 85 mph. My favorite one is of the guy who spins the car out and hits a pole going backwards and is ejected from the car out the side window. ITS HILARIOUS!!!!! Its the same one that they show in massachusetts drivers ed courses but i think they may have cancelled it because of its graphic content.