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    Thread: Wheel size, Rolling Pulling Fenders, offset, et, suspension, your moms horoscope

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      09-01-2014 01:50 PM #176
      Just put these wheels on finally. Going to be transporting the car soon. Most likely not under it's own power due to unforeseen problems.

      After I get home from this work trip im going to adjust the suspension a little and roll & pull the fenders a little. I'm chalking the front right and back left clearance issues up to a poorly adjusted suspension. & the tires are old ones that have been on the wheels since they were on my other car. They'll be getting replaced.

      Wheels: SSR DeColte GP-0's, +54 offset.

      I'll have to measure the adapters. But they're huge.

      Coilovers. Cheapo's put on by previous owner.

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