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    1. Member 155VERT83's Avatar
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      Aug 1st, 2000
      Alexandria, VA
      '00/S4 6MT; '01/Avant 2.8 Tip
      10-08-2002 05:39 AM #76
      very informative post.
      Signature blank...

    2. 10-08-2002 07:14 AM #77
      running all A2 accessories is the easy way out no doubt. I see very few X-flow swaps with a/c and a serp belt....IMHO v-belts totally suck. The serp belt & tensioner are an absolute pleasure to deal with as opposed to those antiquated v-belts...but they are easier and they do work...
      it takes more time and effort to make a serp belt and a/c work correctly, and it is worth it IMO....but thats just my .02...

    3. 10-08-2002 02:50 PM #78
      VERY IMPORTANT INFO: The thick red/black 2 pin harness at the fuse box. You will have no where to put it, Simply put a fuse in it 30 amp works fine.
      ALSO: There is a red/blue wire at the fuse box that need to get 12v switched power. If it doesnt get this the car wont work.
      I hope this post helps somebody out, feel free to email or IM me. on aol my SN is thewbiscuts. have fun!

    4. Member firebreathingbunny's Avatar
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      Oct 7th, 2001
      North Huntingdon, PA
      84 GTI
      10-09-2002 03:29 AM #79
      Are there many differences in swapping the X-flow into a Scirocco? I need a new power plant in my 86 project.
      For the best in Pittsburgh sports. http://steelnationmagazine.com/

    5. 10-09-2002 07:05 AM #80

    6. 10-10-2002 01:26 AM #81
      Nobody has any real info as to swapping a A4 2.0L into a earlier chassis. The ABA is so cheap and commonly available and easier to swap in that nobody bothers with the new 2.0L.

    7. 10-10-2002 09:01 AM #82
      the problem with the Mk4 is the wiring. Its more involved and the alarm etc is more integrated into the harness. Tach issues exist also. I saw a Mk4 VR6 swap into an A2 but thats more worth the effort - a 2.0 is just easier to do if its 98 and below....MOST people here stick to the OBD1 swaps, not even venturing into OBD2 territory from 96 - 98. And the story goes that OBD1 motors are built better so why even bother with a "cheaper" OBD2 96-98 engine. (Although my OBD2 has forged crank etc...it was an early 96, produced 10/95).

    8. 10-10-2002 12:29 PM #83
      I would think that it would have a decent market for people with messed up engines/ECUs/etc who are just out of warranty.
      A complete swap kit from a reputable retailer (1800VWPARTS I think) goes for $1000 shipped, IIRC. And that really is everything you need, plus a couple extras like AC delete as an option.
      I would say ebay it with a high reserve...how did you get the car anyways?

    9. 10-10-2002 03:53 PM #84
      how about a cone filter size?

    10. 10-10-2002 07:32 PM #85
      anyone with a 2.75 inch "outlet" will do.

    11. 10-10-2002 09:35 PM #86
      bump because i did! so to ditch my ac do i need a non ac bracket as well as alt belt ps belt and pulley?
      If you are running the entire x-flow (accessories) all you need is the non AC pulley for the PS pump, a different V-belt, and a shorter ribbed belt. I did this on my 92 Jetta x-flow (early OBDII also ) last month, but my ribbed belt length was different due to the fact that there is some sort of supercharger thingy in there weird, huh!?

    12. 10-10-2002 09:37 PM #87

    13. 10-10-2002 10:54 PM #88
      i have my 2.0 motor out of a 96 jetta. i was (and still am) planning on retaining my digifant injection. as far as i have been told it will work i will just use my wiring harness with the 2.0 fuel rail. will everything else will plug up. has anyone on here even done this? i have been told that it will work but i want to know detailed facts if possible. also to all those who went no ps did you get the whole manual steering rack? from what i also understand the ps pump from the a3 will not work. but will my a2 pump fit on there? basically i want to hear from anyone who has kept there digifant and ps on the full 2.0 motor.
      BTW: my car is a 90 GTI. if that helps with anything

      [Modified by 2b rally golf, 3:55 AM 10-11-2002]

    14. Awaiting Email Confirmation ALpHaMoNk_VW's Avatar
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      Mar 26th, 2001
      Allentown PA, Rockland NY
      82 Rabbit, 92 Jetta, 98 Jetta
      10-11-2002 10:55 AM #89
      anyone have detailed instructions, pics even (i am dumb like that and can use the visuals) as to how to wire up the tach? I have had this setup for a while now, and now that i am turboed and would like to someday take my car to the track, I think a working tach would be somewhat useful.

    15. 10-11-2002 03:59 PM #90
      bump- Im dumb like that too

    16. 10-12-2002 01:25 AM #91
      OOO OOOOO me me me!!!! Ill tell yo tomorrow, Ill look under there. what you need to do its flip the cap open, right above the plug on the coil. there will be 2 pieces comming out of the coil. one is negative ( the one you need)you have to put a slide on connector on it and splice into the wire harness of the Guage cluster, Ill let you know what color tomorrow I think its green though.

    17. 10-14-2002 02:42 AM #92
      I cant wait until I get my swap done.

    18. Member twwitdavw's Avatar
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      Jan 30th, 2002
      GH, WA
      1989 Golf GL / 1982 Westfalia
      10-14-2002 05:38 PM #93
      A friend and I are putting a Xflow into an '85 gti. I had a source tell me that the Xflow wiring harness will not plug into the '85 fuse box. Does this sound correct?? Is the a difference in fuse boxes between '85 and '92?? Would I change the entire fuse box?? Any help would be great, we are starting the swap tonight.........

    19. 10-14-2002 10:38 PM #94
      I had a source tell me that the Xflow wiring harness will not plug into the '85 fuse box. Does this sound correct??
      Is the a difference in fuse boxes between '85 and '92??
      yes again. 90-92 are a direct plugin for x-flows and vr6s obd1 anyway. i do beleive obd2 requires more work and modification.
      Would I change the entire fuse box??
      i *think* so but not sure on this one.
      someone correct me if im wrong.

    20. 10-24-2002 02:12 AM #95
      This one seems to have floated off of the Hybrid/Swap forum, and Ive noticed some crossflow questions, so bump it back up.

      Modified by A2RicedGTI at 1:30 AM 6-10-2003

    21. 10-24-2002 12:33 PM #96
      i am not sure if this has been answered yet but i'm going to ask anyways. i am starting my swap tommorow into my 90 gti. i need to know if i have to use my ps pump. i dont have the cash to get a manual rack so i am just going to stick with power steering. oh yea. i am running my alternator on a cutsom bracket and vbelts. it looks like the ps pump from the 96 will not work and i just want to make sure.
      BTW: i decided to be stupid and stick with digifant. next year comes sds though.....

    22. 10-24-2002 10:21 PM #97
      i put obdII in my 87 gti, but used g60 fuel management. put a manual rack in dumped the a/c put a vr6 water pump pulley on, and bolted on a rabbit gti tranny.
      and welded on a 3" exhaust. getting ready for the turbo!

    23. 10-24-2002 10:27 PM #98
      Sorry to tell ya but you will have to use the pump, well you might not need the pump but you HAVE to have the bracket, thats for sure, If you dont have the stuff now just run it without the belt and do the manual thing for a while, thats what I did anyway. Hey 2BRally, Did I see you on Jefferson ave today?????(oct. 24) I saw a white A2 with black wheels lowered at an intersection. I gave the peace sign, didnt know who it was. If your starting your swap Ill come over and check you out. Im off on the 25th so drop me an email or something!

    24. 10-25-2002 12:04 AM #99
      well that show you how much you don't know. i don't need the bracket. thats what the vr6 pulleys for. i run one serpentine belt.

    25. Moderator Mike0105's Avatar
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      Dec 31st, 1999
      Belle Mead, NJ
      10-25-2002 09:27 AM #100
      great posts, I asked for it to be stickied up top

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