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    Thread: New Car Purchasing FAQ

    1. Former Advertiser
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      Feb 15th, 2001
      08-28-2002 12:49 AM #26
      Well, you have been busy today!!! What an effort...talk about the old college try...
      Only correction is the Incentive Money...It is just that, it is not a rebate, it does
      not go to the customer, and therefore is not taxable to the customer...In addition, it is $1250; not $1200...
      Again, Great Job [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    2. Member GeoffD's Avatar
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      Aug 13th, 2001
      Killington, Vt & South Dartmouth, Ma
      15 Outback 3.6R
      02-06-2003 07:35 AM #27
      I want to try and fight this time around, but I hear it can be difficult. The dealer here charges $289.30 last time I bought a VW from them.
      Where I live, that "fee" is 100% negotiable. If they try to press the point, get up from your chair, say "No thank-you", and start walking towards the door. No dealer will let you walk out of the showroom if you refuse to pay it. In New England, the paperwork burden is 10 minutes with a typewriter to fill out a form. That costs them less than filling the tank with gasoline.

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