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    Thread: Symptoms of a tank of bad gas ( searched )

    1. 03-29-2007 06:29 PM #1
      Car will run but the gas will just cut out ( it seems ) then you need to let the rpms go back down to idle, then 4 out of 5 times you can resume driving. ME and my friends are at a loss as to what is causing this and I really dont want to bring it to a shop. My tank is almost empty, so i guess I will figure if it was the gas or not in a few days.

      What are some of the symptoms of a tank of bad gasoline??

    2. Member
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      Jan 2nd, 2005
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      03-30-2007 12:44 AM #2
      Symptoms can vary depending on what is wrong with the gasoline. It sounds like it could be a clogged fuel filter.

    3. 03-30-2007 02:01 AM #3
      I had a problem like this for a while. My car would lose half of its power and when I pushed the gas it would shake the whole car. I would have to turn the car off, then restart. Then it would run fine for a while.

      I ran some fuel injector cleaner through it and it seems much better now.

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      03-30-2007 02:04 AM #4
      I've been t mexico

    5. Geriatric Member VDub2625's Avatar
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      03-30-2007 02:17 AM #5
      Same thing happened to me when my throttle switches died. You'll go to hit the gas of off no throttle, and the car will seem "dead". This is due to the idle switch sticking, the car thinking the throttle is closed, and initiating "deceleration fuel cutoff", which means it cuts the fuel (to save gas) until the RPMs get down below 1200 or so.

    6. 04-02-2007 04:10 PM #6
      Would that be an all the time problem until the switch was replaced? Or could it be spratic?

    7. Banned cont7's Avatar
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      Dec 11th, 2006
      04-02-2007 04:58 PM #7
      Quote, originally posted by IDrankBeer »
      I've been t mexico

      You bastard!!!!

    8. 04-02-2007 05:37 PM #8
      Throttle switches initiating the fuel cutoff?? Sounds legit.

      Fuel filter was just replaced less than 4 months ago. Could it be a fuel pump??

      My friend is ase certified, works at the dealership and he is stumped on this one. But i will throw out the possibilities of the throttle switches.

      Also this happened about 3 weeks ago, filled up the car with gas and put in some Lucas injector cleanor, but the cleaner is atleast a year old. I have just recently filled up again so i have ruled out bad gas, any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I am going to go search throttle switches.


    9. 04-02-2007 05:44 PM #9

      A picture for hopefully figuring this out

    10. 04-02-2007 05:48 PM #10
      You think you've got bad gas? Add 2 bottles of octane boost and 1 bottle of techron concentrate

    11. 04-02-2007 06:08 PM #11
      Well i think i have ruled out bad gas, but I might try to add those to my new tank of gas and see if anything helps, thanks for the idea!

    12. 04-02-2007 07:32 PM #12
      So ive been searching the text for throttle switches, and im not really getting any info ( although I have found and read a lot of other posts ). I went to, and cant seem to find one for my car '91 Gli. GAP had one for a 1.8 16V will this work for my car?? Does anyone else know of any other good oem sites?


    13. 04-02-2007 07:35 PM #13
      Quote, originally posted by Xipher »
      You think you've got bad gas? Add 2 bottles of octane boost and 1 bottle of techron concentrate
      or eat some beans with hot sauce

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