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    Thread: Oil Change 2001 V6 Passat

    1. 04-22-2007 01:53 PM #1
      I need to get a oil change on my 2001 volkswagen passat. It has a V6 engine about 72,00 miles. I am pretty new to volkswagen.. Does it really need synthetic oil? Also, can i bring it anywhere to get it changed like say a jiffy lube or do i have to bring it to the dealership. I hear its like 65 dollars for a oil change?!?! This may sound dumb... But this is first car i owned i had to go to the dealership to buy antifreeze... any help will be appreciated. thank you.

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      04-22-2007 03:17 PM #2

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      04-22-2007 03:18 PM #3
      Please don't take it to iffy lube or other quick lube places. They will likely do something wrong, esp with the belly pan, or they might drain the tranny fluid on accedent. Fun times.
      You probably don't "need" syn, but its a darn good idea, esp if you want to run 5000k ocis with urban driving and/or want to keep the car for a long time. If you do stick, with conventional, which i don't recommend, make sure its better stuff like Castrol GTX. Iffy lube and stuff will use cheap crap.
      This doesn't mean you have to take it to the dealer, find a local indy. I pay ~$50 at my indy for 6qts of Pentosynth 5w-50, Mann filter, and the change.
      The manual does say that you should use vw502.00 oil, which is all synthetic, and again, a darn good idea.
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    4. 04-22-2007 07:42 PM #4
      V-6 motors arent required by VWoA to use synthetic oil ,ihave two V-6 passats,00(89000) and 01(73000) miles ,they use appx. 1/2-1 qt. between the 5000 miles oci,if it helps you sleep any better go ahead and use it but in my opinion and VWoA its not neded.learn to diy on the oil changes andyoull know its done right,that will help you sleep better for sure,if not find a reputable reccomended indi import mech

    5. 04-23-2007 11:44 AM #5
      The fast lube places are very lazy, ever single time I brought my '00 V6 2.8 to get oil change, they always forget or loose the special screws that hold the bottom splash guard to the car. Each screw is $5 -$10 at the dealer. Most places ask if you've ever been there before, if you havent, its extra work to remove the bottom, or it takes a special filter thus, $20 bux extra. Its all B/S. Oh, i forgot, the car takes 5.5 quarts, and they advertise up to 5quarts, that extra 1/2 quart will cost you $4.00 bulk oil. I decided to DIY and avoid all the petty crap.
      Synthentic isnt needed, but it extends the OCI. I'm about to switch to synthentic after a RX treatment and flush. I doubt theres much of a difference, but I wont be due to a change until thansgiving. I have a small valve gasket leak that creates a smell, I wonder if burning synthetic smells any different?

    6. 04-23-2007 12:22 PM #6
      Another thing to cause you to think about DIY...these engines will kill their cat converters if you overfill oil....don't even ask what a cat for these babies costs..and there are TWO on the V6 ! I bought a pair of polymer ramps for $28 at the PepBoyz and oil change takes about 15 min of actual work time... 5 min to pull pan, pull drain plug..then go do other chores while oil drains then return for 10 more work to R&R filter put plug back in, fill oil start and check for leaks..replace belly pan! Cost...$9 for filter online, $1/QT for Castrol GTX with rebate...so $15 or so...knowing that everythings done right..priceless! I don't drive more than 12K/year on the Passat so I change oil every 3 months...$60/year for peace of mind! I've stripped down engines that I've run well over 125K on this schedule and they've been "clean enuff to eat off of" inside! [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
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      04-23-2007 04:30 PM #7
      The only decent quick lube place is Valvoline Instant Oil Change http://www.vioc.com if it's near you. They acutally know to always use synthetic in VWs and other cars as it is required. There are other places to get the G12 coolant, you can find it online. Theoretically I've heard people use the orange GM Dex cool in VWs, but I don't know how well that works long term. Whatever you do, never mix G12 with anything other than distilled water.

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