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    Thread: MKIV 2.0 automatic transmission fluid change questions

    1. 05-10-2007 08:00 PM #1
      Sorry for asking the same question that has been asked a million times, but the search results I got all seemed to be different engines or unknown transmissions....
      My girlfriends 99 MkIV jetta 2.0 has 140,000 miles on it and is beginning to shift harshly. I'm thinking it probably needs a fluid change (she doesn't know if it's ever been done before... she doesn't know much about cars).
      What I think I've learned so far is that I need vag-com to determine if the fluid is ok (not sure if its level or temperature or whatever... not really explained well in the archive posts). Is this true? And additionally, what will I need to do a complete fluid change (well, as much as can be done in one service)? It looks like I'll need a couple of liters of VW ATF, a filter, and a pan gasket.... Will I also need a triple square tool to get drainplugs off? Or is dropping the pan good enough?
      Not sure if the faq on the subject is relevant as it seems to cover the 1.8t tiptronic gearbox... not sure how similar that one is to ours. Thanks in advance.

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    2. 05-12-2007 06:55 PM #2
      you can't totally drain an automatic (torque converter too). well most modern sealed ones. so you drain out as much as you can, most mechanics have a device to suck out some of the old stuff, then you can fill it back up with the similar amount that you took out, replace filter yada, you use the vag-com to measure the temp, at a specific temp the fill-hole (sealed trannies) will be correct, only at that temp which is not cold and not fully warm. (hence vag-com to read trans fluid temp).
      to do a really good flush would probably require you to repeat this several times with some driving in between. I just stick to 2y/24K intervals and have a link to a place that does reman'd tiptronics for $2695+core which really is about what any tranny would cost remanufactured with 2/24K warranty. labor is the bitch part.

    3. 05-17-2007 09:37 PM #3
      Thanks for the info... any idea how much fluid I'll need? Will I need a special triple square tool? Any gaskets and such?
      Maybe I should just borrow my buddies mkIV bentley.....

    4. 07-29-2007 09:56 PM #4
      hey guys i no this is an old thread but has anyone experianced where your trans takes a little long to go into gear from park or reverse to drive or youl be stoped hit the gas it will go then its like it jumps into neutral then back into gear and it turned out ebing the fluid.. im new to vws and trying to figure out this whole fluid changing procedure and what a vagcom is

    5. 08-07-2007 11:49 AM #5
      Lume did you ever get the fluid changed and if so can you do a diy write up because i wanted to do the same and wanted some more info on what all i need and how

    6. 08-09-2007 09:11 PM #6
      I have always had the same issue with my 99.5 Jetta...especially when going from reverse to drive, it takes sometimes two seconds or so to engage the gear.
      It's done that since I test drove it brand new, and I have 120k miles on it now, never missed a beat otherwise.

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      05-07-2012 02:57 PM #7
      Best write up ever! Thank ukj
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