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    Thread: What gear oil is this G 052 726 A2

    1. 06-01-2007 10:01 PM #1
      G 052 726 A2
      or G 052 726 01
      Dealer gave me this for my manual 02j tranny after asking for a G50.

    2. 06-02-2007 01:50 AM #2
      Never mind got it

      02J 75W-90 GL4 VW Part number G052 726 A2
      Super low viscosity on normal operating temp.

    3. Member animaniac's Avatar
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      May 25th, 2005
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      06-02-2007 08:15 PM #3
      According to a blackstone lab test on the forum, the vw oil isnt very good after 30000 mile it turned to a 10w oil!
      They didnt think it was very good concidering it's vw synthetic.
      Diagnostic technician and conspiracy theorist.

    4. 06-03-2007 03:25 AM #4
      So which gear oil is better?. I can still return this stuff to the dealer.

    5. Member animaniac's Avatar
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      May 25th, 2005
      Staffordshire, Uk
      Golf 1.8T now scrapped, getting another one
      06-03-2007 03:20 PM #5
      Some say redline mt90, but i've not been able to buy that.
      The only oils i've used is castrol ep80w, and smx-s.
      When we first brought the vr6 its got the 02a box, it didnt change smooth the cold, it was just the first few 2nd gear changes, it was ok if i let it warm up for a min or so before driving off, or if i double clutch it, i only change into 2nd once as i'm pulling out of my street then i dont need to change to 2nd until i've been driving for a few mins and by then its warmed slightly and the problem goes.
      So i tried castrol smx-s fully synthetic and that cured the problem but it created another and it started to crunch into 2nd when hot, obviously this is problem much much worse than not going into 2nd very smooth.
      So before anymore crunching accured i changed to castrol ep80 and it's not crunching and is very slick when warmed up but i still get the not so smooth change when it's really cold but now summers here it's gone but it's something i can live with, it doesnt crunch it just isnt very smooth, but if i double clutch it it changes smooth.
      It's just the 2nd gear synchro being funky which they always are on vw's.
      Castrol do syntrax which is a semi synthetic, i've not tried this but it may cure the cold notchy 2nd without causing it to crunch when hot....
      Which ever oil you try make sure it's a GL4 spec.
      It's rather a trial and error thing as gearboxes all wear different and one oil which causes crunching in one box nay not it that in another.
      I soppose you've got to try all the best makes castrol, valvoline, redline until you find one which suits your needs.
      But i dont know what blackstone labs think of the castrol gearbox oil.
      I soppose you could always email them and ask for their opinion on the best GL4 gearbox oil.
      After all they have tested loads of oils and they will know whats best.

      Modified by animaniac at 12:22 PM 6-3-2007
      Diagnostic technician and conspiracy theorist.

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