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    Thread: Condensation In Beetle Headlights AFTER HID Installl... Something Wrong???

    1. 04-23-2002 09:21 PM #1
      I just put 6000K Philips Ultinons in my '99 New Beetle and I purchased brand new Head Lamp Units before I put the bad boys in so everything would be perfect. They look really sweet... But here is the problem though... I have noticed that there is some condensation as the very bottom of BOTH of the lamp units!!! These bad boys where brand new so I am really confused as to what would cause this... Anyone else with a Beetle and HIDs notice this... PLEASE??? I want to know if it's going to be harmfull and how/if I can make it stop... Please let me know if you all have ANY information on this... Thanks a bunch... I'll post some pictures later if you all want to see what the Ultinons look like in the Beetle... ALSO... Has anyone had any problems with Cops and their HID set up??? Just wondering... ^_^ Do you have your HIDs aimed low and do you bother people with yours??? Thanks Gang!!!

    2. 04-23-2002 10:03 PM #2
      Here are some images...

    3. 04-24-2002 06:15 AM #3

    4. 04-24-2002 10:01 AM #4
      Make sure the back covers are on tight.Give it a week and see...

    5. 04-24-2002 07:07 PM #5
      Yea, check the seal on the rear covers & make sure the black rubber vent is still attached @ the bottom-front of the lights. The Beetle's engine compartment gets smoking hot & the light assembly makes a great greenhouse. You could probably grow a Chia Pet in there. I've been running mine for almost 2 years w/o any 5.0 harrassment. They're illegal but either the cops don't notice or don't care here in the South. I've aimed them a little lower to keep from blinding others. Only flashed 1 time in 2 years. The beam pattern is surprisingly good for HID's in a non HID assembly. A lot better with the projector beam, than say a reflector type setup as an H4. Blinding stray light everywhere in those. As far as your other post about the DRL's, they will work with the HID. Mine used to flicker for a few seconds untill the ballast received enough voltage to kick them on fully. Ran them for 1.5 years that way w/o a problem. Now have a modded factory switch with the fogs as DRL's.

    6. 04-24-2002 07:15 PM #6
      Definately check the rubber boot onthe back...or the little door that closes it, I am not sure which you have. As for the DRL's, you should never run the HID in a DRL set up...all the instructions also confim this. A DRL runs at a stepped down current, and the lower amperage will damage your ballast as far as i know..looks hot by the way...
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    7. 04-24-2002 11:42 PM #7
      As far as the DRL's go, I wouldn't recommend running them with the HID's. I just stated that I did it without any problems with an OEM setup. I have a setup from an Acura which has a seperate ballast & ignitor. I have the ignitor mounted inside the headlamp assembly so I didn't have to drill a huge hole in the rear cap to get the bulb socket through-just large enough for the wires to go through after seperating the factory connector. This is more than likely your source for moisture from reading your other here & on NB.org. Make sure that it's sealed well @ the cap & modified area & also factory ventilated. If the assembly is completely sealed with no way to breath, it will fog up. Sounds like the moisture will go away in a few days. No worries.

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