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    Thread: 1991 VW Cabriolet- Etienne Aigner Edition

    1. 08-04-2007 11:26 AM #1
      Spotted this car on e-bay and I was so amazed at the original condition and miles that I wanted to share it here. Take a look at the pics... sweet car!

    2. Member DaveLinger's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2005
      Morgantown, WV
      2007 Jetta GLI Fahrenheit #760
      08-04-2007 11:48 AM #2
      Sweet! Would you believe I paid over $5k for my "good" condition 93?

    3. 08-04-2007 12:15 PM #3
      The car has been repainted, its missing the decals on the fenders.

    4. Member TheeGusBus's Avatar
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      May 11th, 2006
      '96 jetta vr6 & '91 cabriolet AE
      08-04-2007 12:16 PM #4
      i paid 500 for my 93, all it needed was battery and muffler
      theres a red/maroon A.E edition near my house with around 30k original miles, the couple wont sell though

    5. 08-04-2007 12:18 PM #5
      I think the one on ebay will sell for more than $5K. I paid $3.5K for my 1985 in good condition. I am sure I paid too much, but I wanted the car and the seller didn't want to budge. I am happy with mine and the seller broke close to even. He put new brakes, struts, tires and other work into the car just before I bought it from him.

    6. 08-04-2007 12:32 PM #6
      Photo from http://www.cabbyinfo.com/

      Good eye. Didn't see that. This decal.


    7. 08-04-2007 12:33 PM #7
      I paid 700 bucks for my aigner.. now the one on ebay is nice, but like I said..repainted and the vinyl on the glove box is peeled back some. SO 5 grand would be a bit steep. But im sure some one will buy it and be here on this forum asking questions soon enuff.

      Modified by itschuck2c at 9:49 AM 8-4-2007

    8. 08-04-2007 12:45 PM #8
      I paid $1100 for out 92' carat and I still dont know what wrong with it..Hee hee, But after its all warmed up..its the beautiful Carat ive seen...AJ

    9. 08-04-2007 02:01 PM #9
      I know some people take decals off their cars not knowing that it is a stupid thing to do, or may effect the price. I'd have to see it up close/in person to see if it's been repainted. They are stellar though. Kind of funny because you see all the pimps and donks running or sporting that style interior or similar pattern. ie..Gucci, Louis Vuitton (SP) style. It was ahead of its time and the interior looks pretty choice.

    10. 08-08-2007 08:41 PM #10
      Here is the answer about the missing decals, I sent an email asking about a repaint. His answer..

      "Looks like some. Left side was painted by first owner paint work is as good as factory. Don't know why decals are missing. Thanks Bob"

      So it has been repainted, almost sounds like an accident repair?? and its been bid up to 5500 bucks so far..

    11. Member
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      Jun 28th, 2006
      Elizabethtown, PA
      '97 Golf (sold), '82 Rabbit 'vert, '92 Jetta VRT, '01 BMW 325i wagon
      08-10-2007 04:52 PM #11
      Sold!! For $6,040! It is quite clean, though.

    12. 08-10-2007 10:22 PM #12
      WOW..thats insane but good for us all..

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