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I thought so too, about the tiguan angle drive. So the general consensus is that a DSG angle drive will bolt up to a 6 speed manual, if the mounting holes are there? So I should be good if I get one from an mk5/6 R32, Golf R, TT, A3 etc? how about mk7? I just want to confirm the years of Gen 4 Haldex, but that may only apply to the rear diff and haldex unit (as long as ratios did not change between generations). If anyone could confirm this, that would be great. I'd like to make a one stop shop and take everything from the same car if possible
The picture that I posted above is of an Audi TT 2.0T TSI DSG transfer case (or angle drive, whichever you prefer). So yes, you can use the DSG unit just fine.
The only other component you need to interface the two parts is the differential. You will need an AWD differential to mate up to the transfer case properly.

As for the transmissions that have the mounting holes, I've been taking a look at all of the Mk5, Mk6, B6, Audi A3 and Mk2 TT vehicles that have come through the shop as work is done on them.
From what I can tell, FSI/TSI Mk5s and 2006-2009 Passats and CCs all have the mounting holes for the transfer case.

Your question earlier about the Tiguan compatibility, the rear subframe on that car and the differential will not work.
I have had the fortune (misfortune?) of trying out the different rear subframes, rear differential assemblies and prop shafts on my CC.
The rear subframe and differential assembly from a A3/S3/Golf R are all the same dimensional-wise. However, the Tiguan, Passat and CC rear subframes and differentials are different from them.
Think of it this way, all the smaller chassis vehicles use the same parts and all of the larger chassis vehicles have the same parts.