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    Thread: IT Help Desk Software

    1. 11-01-2007 09:49 AM #1
      any of you guys use a nice simple Help Desk type of software that is very basic.
      something web based that doesnt need any type of user authentication. just open ie, plug in name, location, problem, then send the ticket.

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    2. 11-01-2007 10:37 AM #2
      uses logins though, although there is a free account for one help desk technician.

    3. Member
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      Jan 6th, 2002
      Latham, NY
      11-01-2007 11:01 AM #3
      We use HelpSTAR but it also uses logins. It's alright but the reporting function is crap and I'd rather use Crystal Reports but the client doesn't want to spend the dollars for it. Oh well.
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    4. Senior Member
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      11-01-2007 05:51 PM #4
      Did you know its quite easy to use MS Access or Filemaker Pro to build a simple Helpdesk App? Only catch is that you need to learn a little bit about DB design and forms. The benefit is that you can design to your own needs and no need to buy an expensive $20k+ helpdesk software.

    5. Member BlckBadged_SwissChee's Avatar
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      Oct 7th, 2002
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      11-01-2007 06:32 PM #5
      Quote, originally posted by Vision33r »
      Did you know its quite easy to use MS Access or Filemaker Pro to build a simple Helpdesk App? Only catch is that you need to learn a little bit about DB design and forms. The benefit is that you can design to your own needs and no need to buy an expensive $20k+ helpdesk software.

      I took this approach to "develop" (I feel lame saying that using point and click access) an "Application" (again feel lame) to manage requests my co-worker and I work for various people. Has worked out well
      Only problem we have had is when people connect via VPN from home, the transmissions are so slow things just crash. But if you are doing this for a small office with mostly everyone in the same geographic area on the same network........and your company already offers MS Access on all PC's, you can't beat it, it is essentially free and gives you more flexibility.

    6. Senior Member SAPJetta's Avatar
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      11-01-2007 07:10 PM #6
      Try Sharepoint.
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    7. n00b
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      Mar 30th, 2012
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      04-04-2012 07:46 PM #7
      Why don't you go ahead and try SysAid, if you are looking for IT help desk software that can handle up to two administrators, 100 assets, and 100 end users. Not only do they have a Free Edition which is a light and fully-functional IT help desk software solution that does just that. Other noteworthy features are provided below.

      • Automate handling of service calls to reduce response time.
      • Get a detailed inventory and view of installed software and hardware configurations.
      • Remote control your assets via a secure web connection.
      • Analyze your system to identify bottlenecks and boost your help desk performance.
      • Stay informed about your help desk with automatic notifications and alerts.
      • Communicate with your end users via integrated online chat.

      End users can log in to an intuitive web portal to submit service requests, access their service history, find solutions in the Knowledge Base, and track the status of their service requests.

    8. Moderator DanG's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2000
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      04-04-2012 08:24 PM #8

      Check that thread. There were a bunch of suggestions in it.

    9. Member PhReE's Avatar
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      04-05-2012 11:45 AM #9
      I have used SugarCRM in the past. Very nice product, and free!


      EDIT: Nevermind, apparently it isn't free anymore. Honestly for something like this if you will be depending on it, then paying for it & getting support may not be a bad idea. http://www.sugarcrm.com/page/editions-pricing/en
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    10. 04-09-2012 09:59 PM #10
      Try spiceworks, www.spiceworks.com

      We use there help desk completely for the simplicity for the users to fill out tickets, all they need is an email addres and the issue.
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    11. Member x047x's Avatar
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      Mar 16th, 2004
      04-10-2012 07:57 AM #11
      Wow this thread is 5 years old! Way to dig it up from the grave, ha ha. Anyway, we use BigWebApps which is browser based and powerful

    12. 04-13-2012 04:37 AM #12
      You can use webforms in www.focalscope.com to have people submit tickets directly from a website without logging in or anything. I use their startup edition, it is free and has all the features I need in a help desk system.

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