VWVortex.com - A Caveat for Syncro parts buyers: HUGH JASS IMAGES, I mean SOFA KING BIG
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    Thread: A Caveat for Syncro parts buyers: HUGH JASS IMAGES, I mean SOFA KING BIG

    1. 11-09-2007 12:24 AM #1
      I’m writing to let everyone know about a deceptive seller of transporter parts. This “company” is called Z&S Imports and is based out of Nevada. Their
      eBay ID is vanamania. Hope you’re reading this, vanamania, I’m calling you out.
      The item in question is a “syncro” decal for the front bonnet of a, well, obviously SYNCRO transporter. The auction states:
      “You are looking at a brand new "SYNCRO" self-adhesive decal in black that goes on the front of Volkswagen Vanagon/Westfalia/Transporter Syncros. These are
      made of high quality vinyl, and are available in either black or silver colors. At the moment we have plenty of these hard to find jewels in stock. These are a
      must-have if yours is all old and cracked, and peeling off due to old age, or if you are restoring your Syncro and want to give it that original factory look.
      We carry a huge inventory of new, used and rebuilt parts for VW and Audi, including some real hard to find, NOS and "No longer available" or discontinued
      items at competitive prices.”
      So if you look at the guy’s feedback, you can see that since being
      called out on claiming something was authentic when it wasn’t, it’s obvious he changed his wording to be as vague as possible. OK, so I fell for it, I thought
      it was a genuine, new-old-stock decal, and I bought one.
      The first thing I noticed was that this is not a VW factory part.
      It’s also not “high quality vinyl,” like one might expect from 3M; this stuff is “Kiwalite” brand vinyl.
      The second thing I notice is that this decal is not die-cut like an OEM decal (ANY OEM!), it's cut with a plotter or sign-making machine. The difference, in case
      you're unaware, is that a plotter drags its blade across the vinyl and whenever it comes to the end of a line and has to make a turn, the blade either makes a little
      tiny arc or, more commonly, just steers like a shopping cart wheel and a tiny part of the vinyl doesn't get cut (Yes, I know a Gerber sign machine has a gear-driven
      cutting head that mechanically turns the knife at intersections, but if this manufacturer could afford a Gerber, the rest of the decal's details wouldn't suck either
      because there would be actual QC checks on the product and it wouldn't get sold until it was right.)
      The rest of what I notice is blatant to me, but in order to properly ascertain just how bad this is, I set a ruler on the bottom edge. Uh, that's not right...the
      bottom edge isn't even a constant plane, and the top edge isn't much better. The N is the wrong size, it's too high, and it's spaced wrong.
      The thing is, this isn't an issue of how it was cut, that's just a
      symptom and a tell-tale sign this isn't an OEM, NOS or even OEM-"quality" part. The issue is that it was POORLY drawn in Corel Draw or Illustrator or whatever,
      and then it was sent to a plotter that cut it exactly how the drawing said to cut it. Plotters don't make mistakes, they make straight lines unless you tell
      them otherwise. Show me one plotter that can't cut a straight line and I'll make you the only Syncro decal on the PLANET that would look worse than this.
      In the drawing program that made this, arcs don't line up to
      straight lines. The "lines" of the word syncro vary in width (weight), do not always intersect properly, are not parallel when they need to be, don't share the
      same angle and make abrupt turns when they shouldn't.
      How do I know this? Because mine is still on my VW. If you take this decal and lay it above mine, this one is SMALLER than the shrunken sun-baked decal
      on my vehicle. I made a trace with 2 pieces of paper and an HB pencil lead, taped them together and placed it atop mine. If you take the twisted,
      perverted "N" in the cheap decal as a central focus point, it will fit INSIDE the N on my truck. From there, the left side of the decal (SY) is comparatively
      close to the original decal, but the right side of the decal (CRO) is way the hell farther from the original.
      I took the same tracing and compared the details to the original. The "tail" of the R bows inward, whereas mine is a straight line, a continuation of the
      bottom leg of the R, and parallel to the right side of the R.
      The entire decal is RIDDLED with places where the vinyl was TORN in the weeding process, and there are just as many places where the designer did a
      crappy job drawing the thing. I'll tell you what it looks like: it looks like he scanned the word "syncro" from the cover of a water-damaged owner's manual,
      blew it up, stuck it into a drawing program and then traced the dark parts, cut out the rest and hit "print" to his Roland Stikka.
      Alright. Whatever, so I guess I'm picky because I want a
      quality product, OK, well, I'm not going to use this thing, and I think a refund is warranted, so I sent him a short note saying it's poor quality and asking
      for a refund. Here's the reply:
      "After selling over 2500 of these decals to satisfied Syncro owners all over the world, it's surprising to hear that our decals are not of good quality and
      have a dozen plus faults..........HMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!! Our German suppliers that make these for us in Hamburg would tend to vehemently disagree with
      you. Anyways, if you are not satisfied, all you have to do is to send it back unused, and we'll gladly refund your money. Thank you for your business."
      WHAT? What German supplier, in Hamburg or elsewhere, would let this cheap, crappy, hastily-done product out of their office? Moreover, if someone
      has sold 2500 of them (first of all, how many Syncro vans are there?), how is this thing "hard to find?"
      OK, fine, 2500 people have been ripped off with cheap crap they don't need at exorbitantly high prices. I could defecate on someone's hood and smear
      it around with this guy's toothbrush and it would look better than this. Take a dead chicken, let it rot in a pile of tobacco leaves for three days until maggots
      are crawling out of every feather hole, shove it deep into the ****** of a 60-year-old Panamanian hooker and let her sit on the hood and it'll look
      more like an OEM Volkswagen part than this POS. I'm betting money that if you plucked your eyebrows out one hair at a time, dumped lemon juice
      into your eyes and looked at a naked picture of Bea Arthur, you would STILL be able to see the MAJOR flaws in this decal.
      But...okay. He's got 700-someodd feedback, but he's sold 2500 of these fecal impactions to every satisfied prolapsed-anus too blind to see the difference
      but not blind enough to lose their license. Okay. Sounds great.
      Now, the reason I went to all this trouble is because ANYONE who proudly boasts the quality of their obviously-shoddy crap is, well, QUALITY, deserves to
      be called to the mat. You would have to be a spastic retard with a wet finger in a light socket not to see that this is junk. JUNK! In addition, anyone
      who tries to pawn off such CRAP as being the product of a German is insulting every German on the planet, and anyone who uses the above email as a
      defense insults every potential customer as being unfit, unwilling or unable to see the flaws in this utter turd. It is an affront to every VW enthusiast to
      suggest that just because this turdburglar chooses to ignore his products' defects, we should turn a blind eye as well. After all, if it's perfect to the seller,
      it must be BETTER than perfect to the buyer, right?
      So, OK, maybe I'm an idiot. Maybe I'm just missing something, and maybe it's just me. Let's take a look at this decal, shall we? Let me know if my
      eyes have too much bleach in them, or if my ruler is warped or my glasses are all fogged up from watching all that hermaphrodite midget albino donkey porn.
      Someone...PLEASE...if I'm wrong, tell me:
      Here's the original, intact decal

      Here's the unmarked left side of the decal, flatbed-scanned

      Here's that same scan, marked up with the problems:

      Here's the unmarked RIGHT side of the decal, flatbed-scanned

      Here's that same scan, marked up with the problems:

      So what do you think? Am I nuts?

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    2. 11-09-2007 03:18 AM #2
      I'm going to 2nd your rant. I got a pair of the "4wd" side stickers. The were so old that the transfer paper was yellowed and didn't quite release like they should have.
      Leave your neg feedback. It will add up sooner or later.
      I heard the guy was on his deathbed anyway, maybe karma is catching up to him soon.

    3. 11-09-2007 11:01 AM #3
      Within the VW/Syncro community there are at least 6 or 7 well known vendors that have at times provided shady services/products and you found one of them. Most of these aforementioned vendors are not consistently bad but DO occasionally try to slide by junk and hope it's not noticed. Most of us who have been in the 'community' for a good while hear about this via word-of-mouth and know who to stay away from. My recommendation is to try and get your money back, if you haven't already, and check with some of us in the future before purchasing.
      My personal initiation many years ago involved buying some decals that were misrepresented - the vendor initially promised replacements, then after a year of delaying-tactic e-mails (which I still have) simply stopped communicating. Fortunately, that vendor no longer exists as others began to raise the alarm as well. There's another very well known vendor that sold me some metal bumpers with the bolt holes misaligned -- I found out later they knew this, had already been warned by other customers, but were still passing them off to the unsuspecting.
      Anyway, I understand your frustration.

    4. 11-09-2007 12:34 PM #4
      I could have built a better one !
      They probably used a autotracing program which all suck in my opinion. To do it right you would have to build it in Illustator properly.
      Go Westy sells these. Are theirs better I hope.
      Be carefull on posting negitive feedback he will hit you with the same, probably not worth it.
      Ebay is a big risk lately and is going down hill in quality sellers. I got hit for $35.00 shipping for two turn signal bulbs due to fine print. I didn't pay.
      It is turning into a giant scamer site. 9 out of ten sellers are scammers now days. You really have to hunt to find good stuff thats fair.
      Good Luck.
      I might just have to build some nice quality Syncro 4 X 4 decals.

    5. 11-09-2007 09:40 PM #5
      So far I've had good luck with GoWesty's decals (westfalia, 4wd, syncro). They may be a little more expensive there, but for decals that's who I go with for now. And ... you have some color options as well. The 'westfalia' decals seem to have the lowest life span - mine last about 4-5 years before peeling largely due to direct hot summer sun. I've never lost a '4WD' or 'Syncro' replacement decal yet.

    6. Global Moderator Paul@VWvortex's Avatar
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      Apr 2nd, 1999
      Milk was a bad choice -- AZ
      '17 A3 E-Tron, '17 JKUR, '96 VRT Cabrio, TDi Tristar Syncro, 1980 Scirocco S "Der Ott"
      11-10-2007 12:18 PM #6
      I will have to reach back in my feeble memory banks (nearly a month ago) to post the website of the guy in the UK that sent me my Tristar decals. He sent me the front Tristar Sycnro decal, the two side 4x4 decals and a host of other ones for about $50 shipped.
      Now I am wondering if they are close to oem... they looked so upon first glance.

    7. Member unimogken's Avatar
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      11-10-2007 11:12 PM #7
      So are you looking for originals or if someone made them the right way would you be interested?
      Theres a guy on my local board here on the vortex that makes kick arse stickers!
      I really wish everyone would update their location in their profile!

      Someone buy my car already!!

      Always looking for free firewood to feed my hungry wood stove!

    8. Member
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      Feb 11th, 2003
      Winchester, VA
      11-30-2007 10:51 PM #8
      If you send me a good digital pic of the decal on your van, with some key measurements, I bet I could duplicate it in Illustrator. Then you could just have a local sign shop plot them in vinyl. Hey, have them plot a few hundred and YOU'D be the new vendor on the block.

    9. Junior Member dkveuro's Avatar
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      Jul 23rd, 2002
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      Dozens of 'em
      04-11-2011 02:42 AM #9
      I understand this is an old thread but bear with me.

      If as you say the decals are short lived, and mine don't look good either, I would suggest finding a sign writer to skilfully copy the decal in paint.

      I had a sign writer do my truck in the UK and although the sun there shines very little it was fine for some years.

      On the other hand there are companies now who do 'Wraps'. Would they do any better ...cost wise too.? My buddy has had his HHR wrapped and it cost a fair penny but we are talking about a few square inches right ?

      What about a group buy from a 'Wrap' company ?

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