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    Thread: Is your Passat expensive to insure?

    1. 05-10-2002 04:22 AM #1
      Do you guys pay a lot more than average to insure your Passat, do to the fact that it is a Passat.
      Particularly for full coverage. I'm young and it's German, so that's definitely an issue. But beyond that it just seems like the premium is high. It is a family car after all. In other words, are the insurance fees for your Passat a burden, more so than your other car(s). Just looking for feedback, thanks.

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    2. Senior Member
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      Sep 11th, 2000
      05-10-2002 06:48 AM #2
      I'm in NJ. Everything is expensive to insure.

    3. Member
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      Apr 21st, 1999
      2004 VW Touran, 1972 MGB Roadster
      05-10-2002 09:33 AM #3
      Positive bargain if you ask me.
      I mean c'mon, its a relatively new family wagon, with a pokey little diesel engine. How much trouble can you get in with that?
      BTW I do not have a good record either.

    4. Moderator DanG's Avatar
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      Nov 16th, 2000
      2014 Wrangler
      05-10-2002 09:41 AM #4
      Mine's not too bad. My insurance company had a surplus last year, so everyone got a 16.6% discount. This year, that discount is gone and my rates have gone up $29.00. This is for all purpose insurance, $500 deductible on everything, $50/day credit for rentals if I need, $0 on fire, theft and vandalism. I am getting the maximum 25% good driver discount too. Total is just a tad over $1200.

    5. 05-10-2002 10:51 AM #5
      VW's are expensive to ensure. The theft rate in the early 90's didn't help that. The parts are also expensive to replace, more so than domestic...
      That aside I don't find the premiums that bad. Bit higher than a Neon per say, thats spoken from experience too *shaking head*
      I think I pay $60/mth CDN, thats full coverage. Mind you I am now over 25, married and have multiple line discount cuz I have home owners insurance with the same company. I use State Farm.

    6. 05-10-2002 10:59 AM #6
      that basically how it was explained to me
      parts cost...allstate uses like three lettered system a-b-c, passats happen to be c...
      but it's still under 100 bucks for me to insure with full coverage (of course i'm married, have a kid, and have gone a year+ with no tickets...oh and it's under my wifes name...hahahaha)
      Why did I buy another VW?

    7. 05-10-2002 11:40 AM #7
      Damn Action Jackson, I pay a hefty $109/mth and that's too with multiple discount and over 25 years
      BTW my record isn't bad either, only 3 minor tickets which dropped me to a 5 star rate.

    8. Member
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      Feb 25th, 2001
      Grand Haven, MI
      2000 VW Passat Wagon - Candy White
      05-10-2002 11:57 AM #8
      Nah, I insure with Allstate and it would cost me the same premium for a Galant, Subaru Legacy GT, or a Honad Accord. Infact the 4-cylinder costed the same as the V-6. So it's no big deal... cars are just expensive to insure

    9. Former Advertiser
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      Jan 16th, 2001
      05-10-2002 01:32 PM #9
      $48 bux cdn a month
      that's for my syncro with full monty coverage and the lowest deductables.

    10. 05-10-2002 03:40 PM #10
      I pay more than ALL of you and I've never had a ticket!!! I don't know why...

    11. 05-10-2002 05:26 PM #11
      Try $230+ /month! (state farm, w/group discount) No tickets, 2 accidents, young male, and apparently a very high risk car because even without the accidents it's still $167/month!

    12. 05-10-2002 07:37 PM #12
      wow I remember those days of my car insurance being higher then my car payment! 16 Driving a 91 GTI with accident and a ticket.
      Now my insurance about 10 years later, married, no tickets, good driver record, is only $50 for the Passat.

    13. 05-10-2002 08:27 PM #13
      I'm paying the same a DanG... Thing is, the company does'nt know I got a supercharger!!! For the best deal in town, get a syncro and go 'round all the companies until you find someone that does'nt know what the heck a syncro is!!! My car is insured as a Passat G60 syncro (says so on the paper) but I'm paying for a 3000lbs, 4 door, 1.8l 8v sedan with alarm, ABS and AWD... those last 3 items really lower your premium!!! And the fact that they think it's a crappy little engine makes for a cheap total!!!

    14. Member B3sat16v's Avatar
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      Jan 23rd, 2002
      Around the world
      05-11-2002 03:03 AM #14
      $hit I got Allstate and they are the biggest $hit ever. I pay $310 a month
      five accidents, four non my fault and one my foult; three speeding and three improper driving. Funny right all this poop happened before, when I had the Maxima SE and I was only paying $150 a month. I get a passat and it goes up $160. Their excuse VWs are sports cars. me LMAO. I told the ladie is not a sports car, it is a family sedan and she walks outside with me and look at the car and goes; well it has spioler rims and it is five speed, that makes it a sports car. me LMAO and saying the Maxima was V6 220HP, the VW I4 and only has 135HP and the cars weight about the same and why I pay less for the Maxima, She goes like It is a luxury car. Im like OK.
      FLY NAVY

    15. 05-11-2002 05:03 AM #15
      ! OMFG.

    16. 05-11-2002 12:45 PM #16
      Here in Colorado allstate got me for 87 a month but then i got my car broken in to 2 and so i got full coverage for 20 dollars more

    17. 05-11-2002 08:08 PM #17
      I dont get it. My brother who's 24 with a few tickets has a 98 Taurus SHO and pays something like 60 bucks. <shaking head>...

    18. 05-11-2002 11:28 PM #18
      My Quantum is $250 for 6months

    19. Member Don Keith's Avatar
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      Dec 21st, 2000
      Brooklyn, NY
      2008 VW Rabbit
      05-12-2002 12:55 AM #19
      These insurance rates are killing me. I am paying $200/month for mine right now. I'm 33 with no accidents, or tickets, so it does not make any sense at all. To tell you the truth, my wife's new car insusurance is only $150/month on a benz! WTF, I've got to find a cheaper carrier somwhere, or I'll just move to West Palm Beach and soak up some sun!
      08 VW Rabbit
      02 Aura MDX

    20. 05-12-2002 08:44 AM #20
      I don't know, maybe im a freak or something. Im 17 with no accidents, i went to driving school and im on the honor roll; i only pay 325/6 months for my 93 Glx Vr6. That could be because i have a 1000$ deductable, but i doubt it because i have full coverage. shop around, im sure you can find a deal. Good luck..

    21. 05-12-2002 08:24 PM #21
      That monthly is great, but, and i could be wrong, it just seems that having a $1000 deductable kinda defeats the purpose of using the insurance for most minor to moderate repairs. My $500 is bad enough.

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