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    Thread: Vag-Tacho driver

    1. 11-24-2007 03:43 PM #1
      I just received mine in the mail and the jerkoffs who handled my package [ ] broke the cd that came with it.
      Does anyone know where to get the Vag-Tacho software/drivers online or could send a copy?? TYYYY

    2. Member SlowGolf1's Avatar
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      Jan 8th, 2007
      Central Phx
      Right Wheel Drive Turbo
      11-24-2007 04:28 PM #2
      Is Vag Tacho the mexican Vag Com???
      Turbo woosh

    3. 11-24-2007 05:12 PM #3
      its for odometer setting pulling your Login and SCK and a few other tricks it can do

    4. 11-24-2007 06:01 PM #4
      Thats pretty funny
      But does any1 have the Software for it???????????

    5. 11-24-2007 06:24 PM #5

    6. 11-24-2007 06:33 PM #6
      What a life saver

    7. 11-24-2007 06:49 PM #7
      np glad i could help lemme know if that link or software was bad

    8. 11-24-2007 09:45 PM #8
      Nope software works. I was having more trouble taking the wiper off than dealing with the software. Driver side slips off easily and the passenger side that really needs to come off won't budge..
      Calling it quits for the night..

    9. 11-24-2007 10:33 PM #9
      spray it with pb blaster and let it sit

    10. 11-25-2007 12:25 AM #10
      why you taking them off
      mine quit working once cause the bolt that attaches to the motor came loose
      genius VW design
      lets have the motor spin the same way the bolt comes out so that if the parts rub together they will just come apart

      took me a while to get that aligned again lol

    11. 11-25-2007 11:54 AM #11

      I give the directory for the driver and i get this... wtf

      Modified by Platinum Dubber at 10:22 PM 11-25-2007

    12. 11-27-2007 05:17 PM #12
      you can try this one
      i would scan this befor installing as i found it on a Chinamans site

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