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    Thread: 02 Jetta Replacing the Vehicle Speed Sensor

    1. 12-05-2007 12:47 AM #1
      I have a 02 VW Jetta 1.8T tiptronic transmission EYP 09A. I have been told I need to replace the Vehicle Speed Sensor G68. The dealership is telling me that in order to do this they need to completely disassemble the transmission at a cost of 12 1/2 labor hours.
      I have gotten them to show me from their technical documentation that in order to remove and install the VSS G68 sensor they need to
      1. Remove the torque converter housing
      2. Remove bearing and differential cage
      3. Pull connector off sensor
      4. Remove sensor bolts and remove
      5. Insert new sensor and tighten bolts to 8Nm
      6. Re-install remaining parts.
      The first step above links to a Transmission, Disassembling portion with the following steps
      1. Remove bolts (21 of them)
      2. Separate tight-fitting torque converter housing from transmission housing using a plastic mallet
      3. Remove torque converter housing straight upwards
      4. Remove differential
      Then there is a host of other steps to continue to dismantle the transmission.
      My question is are steps 1 & 2 of the directions for replacing the VSS G68 then same as steps 3 & 4 of the Transmission, Disassembling directions?
      To me it doesn't seem as though a full transmission disassembling is needed to get to the VSS G68.
      I also have been told by others that it should only be about a 3 hour job and one person has told me it is the same as replacing a pump (which is a 3 hour job) and the 5th step of transmission disassembly is to remove the ATF pump and ATF strainer.
      As a little background information, I was originally told i needed a new transmission and qoute 10,000 dollars or there abouts to replace it. After some great help from the VW customer service reps I found the VSS part and was told it could be replaced but only be fully disassembling the transmission.
      Thanks for you help

    2. 02-05-2008 09:57 PM #2
      Jamie, I have the same exact problem on 2000 Jetta 2.0 Automatic. I have the official repair manual which states the following to replace VSS:
      - When transmission is installed, the sensor is covered by the left transmission mount.
      - Transmission must be unbolted from moutns and lowered approximately 2.5" to access sensor
      - Disconnect harness connector from sensor and remove sensor retaining bolt.
      - When installing, replace seal.
      - Tighten retaining bolt to 10 Nm (7 ft-lb.)
      So it sounds like the transmission does not have to be completely disassembled. Hope it's not too late for you. I see this is dated 12/2007.

    3. 06-10-2009 04:52 PM #3
      I have an 02 Jetta 1.8T with auto stick and I have the same issue. My engine threw a P0722 code (vehicle speed sensor no signal) so I guess I am going to have to replace it. I want to do it myself but I don't know how hard it is. Has anyone done this before?

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      06-10-2009 11:38 PM #4
      Here you guys are talking about 2 diferent things, one is a 2.0 engine and the other is a 1.8L engine, I am talking from what I know and have seen, the 1.8L Turbo engine, it's VSS is located inside transmission and cannot be taken out without transmission disassembly. if you read somewhere in these posts, you'll be able to find picture of exact location of VSS on 1.8Thttp://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=245837
      Sorry this is in TDI forum but may give you the idea, and notice that his car is a 09A tranny, just like yours.
      What you do does not matter, how you do it does.

    5. 06-11-2009 10:08 AM #5
      thank you. this clears up a lot. including my biggest fear that it is located INSIDE the transmission. looks like I'll be searching for a good repair shop now.

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