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    Thread: Cheap Insurance?

    1. 12-19-2007 11:19 PM #1
      Does anyone know where I can get really cheap insurance for my A1 Cabriolet? It's an 86. I want good coverage...It's my 3rd vehicle so It doesn't get many miles at all...1500 or less a year. It is garaged year round. I just can't afford to keep it on the road here in NY with our insurance rates. I need like some kind of classic car insurance. (Not that it's a classic, just something like that where I can insure it for the amount I want, and not have to pay crazy rates that a years insurance is higher than the value of the car).
      Please let me know what you guys do...Being a VW site, I'm sure most of you have more than one VW l;ike myself. It's like a drug.

    2. 12-20-2007 02:54 AM #2
      The internet is your friend. Go get quotes from reputable companies, then go with the cheapest. It's not rocket science [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] With your scenario, you might have to go local, or at least fork out the green.
      With the low yearly mileage (and I'm assuming low value of the car) it should be fairly easy to find a decent rate. Good luck [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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      12-20-2007 03:04 AM #3
      As a third vehicle, if not driven to work and only a few 1000 miles total/year, it should be cheap to insure with most of the more reasonable providers.
      Here in CA, Mercury and to a lesser extent GEICO are inexpensive.
      The way insurance prices are structured, with some younger people and sportier cars, you can lower your total expenditures by getting married and moving into a more expensive neighborhood!
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    4. 12-20-2007 09:20 AM #4
      Funny...I am married, and I do live in a very nice area and I am not 17yo...BUT, this is NY. I pay 1600.00 a year for coverage on 2 10year old GTi's (Not to mention my wife's Nissan). That is without the Cabby...I don't want to spend any more than I have to. I got a quote from state farm, geico, and a few others...The cheapest was like 600, plus you can't name your own coverage...for example...I want to insure it for 5000.00 (I think thats reasonable considering the condition and $$$ spent on xtra parts), they will not do that, at least not here in NY. They will always go with book value.
      I also contacted many classic car insurance companies, and even if they do insure cars of any age (Most are 20-25yrs or older), they laugh at the fact that I want to insure an A1 VW, and don't consider it a classic (Not like I do either).
      SO, I am stuck either paying way to much or keeping it in the garage until I find someone else who will not laugh at me.
      I did search the internet...Online quotes...searched. no luck yet. Sucks.

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