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    Thread: How to set EVAP monitor readiness? OBDII 2.0 ABA Jetta.. No CEL, no codes, no OBD 2 errors

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      Nov 13th, 2007
      Jetta MK3 "La Piñata"
      01-06-2008 06:34 PM #1
      Hello all..
      Perhaps some experts on OBD2 system can offer some advice
      1997 Jetta, manual, 2.0 ABA engine..
      Recently I replaced some ignition parts, and used a code scanner to erase the codes. That went through just fine.
      Now, since then, 400 miles later, all the monitors have set, except one, and there are no codes, either set or pending. The Evap system monitor has not set.
      I tried everything to make it set.. I followed Bentley manual monitor readiness setting procedures. I found some info on the net and tried that as well. No luck.

      So, is there a trick to set the EVAP monitor ready? I wonder is there is a malfunction .. it should have set by now.
      Also, does anyone know, if in Massachusetts the car will pass OBD2 smog check if all monitors have set except EVAP monitor? I know it varies by state... Some require all I/M (inspection and maintenance) monitors to be set, some dont.. I can't seem to find that info about a particular state
      Thank you very much

    2. Junior Member
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      Nov 13th, 2007
      Jetta MK3 "La Piñata"
      01-07-2008 04:03 PM #2
      Bump.. no one knows? Perhaps this belongs in VWVortex engines forum..

    3. 01-07-2008 04:39 PM #3
      i would like to know too, can you post up the procedure?

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