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    Thread: 1997 jetta 2.0 jetta jazz fuel filter

    1. 02-05-2008 04:47 PM #1
      I have another thread running. but I need to see how to change the fuel filter. The car was stopped running. I have changed the plugs wires and cap and button in the last month. It was shutting down in moist conditions but has been running fine. We got really bad rain and it shut down today. Leaving me with a nice tow bill. a few people are saying coil. I have a mechanic at the shop I work at he ran an old fashion screwdriver test. He says its getting plenty spark to change the fuel filter. Not sure its fuel but he's willing to help me if its not so, can anybody tell me where the fuel filter is located and what I need to do to change it. thanks all

    2. Member hockeystar17mnj's Avatar
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      02-05-2008 05:46 PM #2
      fuel filter is located by the rear right tire. look under there and you will see a silver canister inside a black plastic cage.
      to change fuel filter:
      1. depressurize your fuel system by either
      a. pulling your fuel pump fuze/relay & cranking car.
      b(method i used) let car sit for about an hour.
      2.jack car up on right rear passenger side
      3. get under car & put a pan by fuel filter
      4. start unscrewing the fuel line clamps on either side of the filter
      (be prepared to catch fuel with the pan.)
      5. remove other fuel line clamp. (catch more fuel in pan)
      6. unbolt plastic cage from the bottom of the car
      7.carefully remove the cage & filter together from underneath car, being careful not to spill too much gas
      8. I believe the cage un clips and the filter pops out.
      9. installation is opposite of removal
      just remember to put the filter in facing the right way, there is an arrow on the body of the filter.
      buy new "fuel filter clamps" DO NOT USE THE WORM CLAMPS, THEY WILL DIG INTO YOUR FUEL LINES.
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    3. 02-05-2008 05:51 PM #3
      sounds like the coil to me
      the spark would be fine after it dries out.. which is probly what happened.

    4. Member root beer's Avatar
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      02-05-2008 06:38 PM #4
      Did this genious mechanic check your fuel pressure before telling you to throw parts at it?

      All Motor, Daily driven 12v Harlequin

    5. 02-05-2008 06:45 PM #5

    6. Member LG6R's Avatar
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      02-05-2008 07:28 PM #6
      ignition coil
      Damp weather wouldn't have any affect if the fuel filter was clogged. The coil is a common problem.

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