VWVortex.com - Chicago 2008: Volkswagen Unveils Routan
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    Thread: Chicago 2008: Volkswagen Unveils Routan

    1. 02-06-2008 03:49 PM #1

      CHICAGO - Volkswagen of America today unveiled the Routan, an all new seven-passenger minivan. It delivers the best of both worlds: a vehicle that combines European sensibilities in design, fit and finish, and handling characteristics with market relevant features and outstanding value....
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    2. 02-06-2008 04:51 PM #2

      Quote Originally Posted by saron81 View Post
      Would you people PLEASE stop typing those symbols before the "R"!!

    3. Member jaegervw2's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 05:07 PM #3
      Welcome to America....
      too bad america is stuck in the 90's... and loves Minivans, suv and pick-up trucks.... all cars that are awful.....IMO
      But that being a fact, welcome to the rat race VW! Good Luck!

    4. 02-06-2008 05:09 PM #4
      the front seems to be heavy on the Tiguan.
      the tails, don't look right.... not proportioned too well.
      the dash???? Wish there was more VW influence in the design.

    5. Member veedubmac's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 05:26 PM #5
      What a shame VW, what a shame!!! I was expecting so much more--- at least use the new RNS510, Climatronic etc. There is way to much Chrysler influence on this one. But if I had to buy a minivan, this would still be it, because in the end it would still be a VeeDub parked in my driveway
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    6. Member PizzaCat!'s Avatar
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      02-06-2008 05:33 PM #6
      this is going to be such a flop. it looks nice for a minivan, but no vw interior (like the initial reports said there would be), and two chrysler engines...there is no incentive to buying this over a chrysler town and country.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Vee-Dubber-GLI View Post

    7. 02-06-2008 05:37 PM #7
      WOW!!!! How many times can VW miss the boat in one century. They should rename it the VW caravanagon. No matter how you look at it, its still a Chrysler

    8. Member Fantomasz's Avatar
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      Aug 14th, 2001
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      02-06-2008 05:39 PM #8
      OMG this car is ugly [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthdown.gif[/IMG]

    9. Member Kid Hobo's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 05:56 PM #9
      Holy HONDA

      Adjusting my lifestyle with the grace and wisdom of a potato.

    10. Member Buran's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 06:02 PM #10
      Paging Burt...

    11. Member ajz9415's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 06:06 PM #11
      as someone who will need a mini van in the next month When can I have one. I know it's a chrysler but because I am looking at the town & country and the honda Odysey I would rather have the VW
      as long as same price at the Town & Country 42k ish I am in
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    12. 02-06-2008 06:07 PM #12
      This is the worst idea in automotive history. VW is introducing a product no one wants, no one will buy, and will do more damage to their brand than any VW product in history. They simply don't get it. I try to convince people all the time that VW still equals affordable european enthusiasts cars, but the company just insists on proving me wrong.
      What will the VW enthusiast community do when decisions like these doom the company/brand in America? It'll happen...sooner than we think.

    13. 02-06-2008 06:12 PM #13
      The Chrysler version looks better than this VW redo. The interior does not incorporate enough VW design elements. More importantly, I know for manufacturing reasons they need to use the Chrysler engines, but it would be very nice to see a V6 TDI version at the very least.
      In a way, I hope this project works for VW, because they need to reverse their fortunes here in North America. On the other hand, this is not the sort of product that I want to see in VW's next revival. VW needs to go back to the late 90's when the B5 Passat came out, and the New Beetle, MKIV Golf and Jetta. This revival started out amazingly well for VW. They had the design language down pat, and the cars were mostly fantastic for their categories. The big let-down was the reliability. Had they not screwed that up, VW would be in a far better position today, and they would not be faced with needing to rethink their strategy over and over again in North America.

    14. Member
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      02-06-2008 06:16 PM #14

    15. 02-06-2008 06:18 PM #15
      Im not into it. I dont like all the MOPAR influance.

    16. 02-06-2008 06:25 PM #16
      It somewhat looks like a Volkswagen but the **** its just unacceptable.
      Those engines are lame awful pity and a ****ing shame. How come having an engine with 3.2L liter resorted to use a 3.8L with ratings on par of a two wheeled tricycle... They might have pushed into doing something better, not this POS.
      Honestly, this is more mistake than a Phaeton.

    17. 02-06-2008 06:29 PM #17
      How lazy our our kids getting that we have to drive them into the outfield?

    18. Member Red Baron Golf's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 06:37 PM #18
      I guess I'm one of the few that actually likes it. My personal opinion is that if VW had designed a vehicle like this from the ground up, it likely wouldn't look that different from this...(microbus notwithstanding).
      As for the interior, it's modern, clean and contemporary. I also think that I would very happily trade in my 99 Odyssey for this one as long as it had the 4.0 litre which from what I've read, is a very nice modern powerplant.
      Overall, I like the end product, and families like mine will, I think, at least put it on their shopping list.
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    19. 02-06-2008 06:58 PM #19
      Quote, originally posted by Rabbit5GTI »
      this is going to be such a flop. it looks nice for a minivan, but no vw interior (like the initial reports said there would be), and two chrysler engines...there is no incentive to buying this over a chrysler town and country.

      I was gonna say, since when does VW make a 3.8L with only 197hp and a 4.0L V6? Figures. I'm all for pushrod engines, as long as they're Chevy small block V8's.
      But a pushrod V6 in a VW? I don't see this car selling very well, especially when you look at how good the Honda is. The 3.8L engine is ancient.
      Also, I think the editing was off. They said the navigation system had 20 megs of hard drive space. Did you mean 20 gigs?
      Edit: I'm not 100% sure if the 4.0L V6 is a pushrod engine or not. I'm almost positive the 3.8L is though.

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    20. 02-06-2008 07:23 PM #20
      The black one doesn't look half bad, but the question of not using VW power plants does not sit well with me. Now, if they installed a "Hemi" maybe I would change my mind.

      Modified by Rage In The Machines at 4:24 PM 2-6-2008

    21. Member 2 doors's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 07:26 PM #21
      I certainly don't blame VW for taking this approach to a minivan. the Caravan and T&C are getting reviewed well, so I think this one will be OK. Piggybacking on Chrysler certainly lowers the risk for VW. I like the overall look much better than the MOPAR vans. I do wish they could have figured out a way to fit the Passat 3.6L VR6 in there though.
      My biggest pet peeve will be if they class it like a "luxury" minivan. If captains chairs in the 2nd row and a power liftgate are standard, no thanks. I see this following in the T-reg footsteps - a good vehicle, just too pricey for mass consumption. I like the T-reg, but I can get a Jeep Grand Cherokee for less. Same with this, I can just buy a Dodge.

    22. 02-06-2008 07:34 PM #22
      Quote, originally posted by Rage In The Machines »
      Now, if they installed a "Hemi" maybe I would change my mind.

      Modified by Rage In The Machines at 4:24 PM 2-6-2008

      We'll just have them throw in the 6.1L SRT-8 Hemi engine in there for grins.
      Unitronic Stg 2+ K04
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    23. 02-06-2008 07:46 PM #23
      Thank goodness I don't have a spoon here at the desk or i'd be plucking out my eyes
      Oh VW...the pain!, the pain!

    24. Member redneckdzl's Avatar
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      02-06-2008 07:49 PM #24
      Where's the diesel??????

    25. Member
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      02-06-2008 07:52 PM #25

      u fail vwoa

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