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    Thread: DIY rear wheel arch (fender?) rolling/flaring, look here.

    1. 02-10-2008 05:05 PM #1
      First job is to dig out all the underseal, kill any rust and repaint the metal. I found the best process was to slit it with a stanley knife into long strips the dig them out with a screwdriver. then get the rest of with a wire wheel in a drill.

      On the corrado near the front of the arch there's 3 tabs where the inner and outer skins are spot welded together. They are folded in from the factory so i had to prise them them back so i could get behind them to remove the underseal.

      Here you can see the standard arch, and lip, and that silly flat face on the arch, which actually isn't even vertical, it points inwards. There's a lot of space to be gained by stretching this out to follow the rest of the arch.

      There is also this big chunky bit at the top of the bumper. I found it impossible to flare the outer arch without cutting a slit in this as you'll see later.

      Here is the arch roller starting to do it's work.

      View on the inside. See how the lip tucks right in. It won't do this unless you remove all the underseal from behind it. Any lumps you leave will show up on the outside.

      The tabs folded back in. I couldn't get the roller in at the lower front edge of the arch and had to beat all that by hand (well, with a hammer)
      Really starting to take shape now. Combination of hammering and rolling to get it this far, about 3 hours work.

      lip nice and flat on the inside. Give it a good coat of zinc primer.

      and the tabs again. note how between the tabs you can actually see a gap and see inside the car! hence the need for seam sealer.

      And the outside

      Compare to the standard arch

      18"s now fit no problem

      acres of room to go even wider

      Note the hole at the back where i had to cut it. This now needs welding up

      Once all that is done a coat of seam sealer down the inside and then it can go to the bodyshop to finish off the outside and apply paint.

      Modified by phatvr6 at 10:23 PM 2-10-2008

    2. Member
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      Jan 15th, 2003
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      02-10-2008 05:13 PM #2
      that looks good man [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    3. 02-10-2008 05:14 PM #3
      see that's awesome but I wouldn't want to damage the paint cause I'd not be a fan of re-painting just that area of the car.

    4. Member Toffeerado's Avatar
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      02-10-2008 05:18 PM #4
      I can see this thread causing some damage to people who aren't skilled in the body work area.
      Quote Originally Posted by Radvr6T View Post
      A true built car is one in which the owner alone has done its work intirely!
      Not had a shop build the motor,Not had a shop paint it ,Not had a upolster do the interior,Not just supplied money for work of any kind for the vehicle!
      According to this guy no one builds cars.

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      02-10-2008 05:18 PM #5
      excellent write up. definitely getting this done to my 'rado once its body shop time! lower offset here i come!

    6. 02-10-2008 05:20 PM #6
      I've heard it's possible to fold the lip up and not flare the whole arch out if you wanted to save the paint, heat the paint up a bit to stop it cracking.
      But, the lacquer was flaking on mine, and there was a bad repair that was rusting on the other side so they needed painting anyway.
      plus i wanted to fit 18"s but they don't look right unless you lose the flat bit of the arch.

      Modified by phatvr6 at 10:22 PM 2-10-2008

    7. 02-10-2008 07:33 PM #7
      dope. was just about to do this before the bodyshop to save on expensive shop rate. for more pictures search corrado_sean2, he did similar work to his front and back...

    8. Member Forty-six and 2's Avatar
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      Jan 21st, 2007
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      02-10-2008 07:58 PM #8
      Finally a good write up. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] How much width did you gain?
      Carbon fiber ME2.2lt Mkl TT coming soon...


    9. 02-14-2008 04:43 PM #9
      about 1" at a guess.

    10. 02-14-2008 04:49 PM #10
      this thread won't become popular and break 2 pages unless you include the word "OFFICIAL" in your title
      i HATE that.... just exactly WHO makes threads "official"?

    11. Member Jonnyp16v's Avatar
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      Nov 5th, 2008
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      09-05-2009 09:24 AM #11
      Do you leave the hand brake on while rollin the arch?

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