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    Thread: Project-Gang Green- Gt35R VR Syncro GTI

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      02-16-2008 09:19 PM #1
      EDIT. All of the pics are currently offline. Just in the process of setting up a Flickr account, and moving them all to it. They should be live again this week.


      So this post is long overdue. This round of the project started last summer. But the car itself, started as a project a long time ago. For those of you who were around back in the day, you're probably fimiliar with my car. It used to be Ron's car (prior to RPI existing), and was featured in the Jan/96 issues of European Car. That story was also reprinted in the fall 97 issue of VW Power. Back then it was 'just' a VR syncro GTI however.

      The car lasted like that for a few years, and about 5 years ago it had a low boost turbo setup installed. I have only owned the car for about 4 years, and in that time i've done a few changes to it. new- wheels, suspension, brakes, taillights, seats, a roll cage, and a few other changes.

      Although i've been super happy, there have been a few things that i wanted to improve wit h the car. I wanted better handling, i wanted more power, better braking, and just an overall better driving experience. So this past summer we tore my car down, and started probably the biggest build i'll ever be part of.
      So in mid-summer, i dropped my car off at MMP, we had a master plan, and we started to tear the car down. A few hours later, my motor was out, and there was no turning back.

      /end post 1.

      slowly uploading and updating
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