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    Thread: March Photo Contest - Water

    1. Member .:RDriver's Avatar
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      Oct 4th, 1999
      In the Shadow of the Nations Capital
      2015 Audi S4, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      02-29-2008 06:11 PM #1
      The monthly contest will continue this month.
      As a reminder, please do not enter the contest unless you have an idea for a topic next month. Many winners have said "I didnt expect to win so I'm not sure what I should do for a topic." Have it in your head already or DO NOT enter the contest because if you win you MUST come up with something.
      I must receive an IM with the new topic at the beginning of the month. I will not start the new month till I have that topic IMed to me so please make sure you do this. If you're traveling or going to be unavailable at the time the contest ends, make sure you give me an IM before then or make sure someone else can contact me.
      These rules arent hard, please be prepared if you are going to participate.
      Whatever the winner wants the topic to be, that is it. Do not start polls or have questions about what would be good. Send me the topic so we can move forward...period.
      I dont have the time to watch over or organize this, however, I will post the sticky for each assignment. You guys must self regulate and come up with your own ideas.
      At the end of the month, the winner will choose the new topic and let me know via IM or email (jimmy@speedarena.com) and I will update the assignment thread.
      Please note that from March till October I am extremely busy and travel a lot so there may be times where I will not be able to hold perfectly to the schedule getting things posted, please bear with me, I'll do my best.
      If this becomes a problem, or too much babysitting is involved, I'll unsticky it and you guys will be on your own. Please report any problems or issues directly to me, keep all assignment related questions to the person in charge that month.
      1. Photo must be taken DURING the assignment time period. That means shot after the first posting of the assignment and before the deadline. This encourages you to go out and shoot with the assignment in mind. Please keep exif intact so that others can see it. If you use a host that does not retain the exif, please link back to the original photo at the host site. Do not use "save for web" to save images as that strips the exif info, use the regular "save as" command to insure it remains intact.
      2. Basic Photoshop/editing is allowed (levels, exposure, saturation, sharpening, etc), but no complete altering of the photo/subject, as in, no fake blurs, no HDR, no dropping one subject into a different background, that kind of stuff. Converting to B&W and selective color is ok.
      3. No borders or frames on the photos. This tends to detract from or unfairly add to a photo and the judging is on the photo itself, not how nicely you can present it.
      4. No nudity, illegal activity, implied illegal activity, or anything else that would normally not be allowed in this forum should be posted.
      5. Post entries in this thread, do not make a separate thread for each entry. You have until midnight PST on Sunday March 23rd to post your entry.
      6. The assignment thread is for posting photos ONLY, no discussion until voting starts and all ideas/questions should be directed to the person who is in charge of the assignment that month.
      7. On the 24th, use THIS thread to post critiques and who you think the winner should be. Until a better alternative is found, the person in charge of the month will tally the votes and declare a winner. Any entry deemed NOT on topic may be left out of the poll at the discretion of person in charge of month. Voting will last till the last day of the month when a winner will be chosen and the new assignment will start. So you should be ready to take over for the next month and have a topic in mind that you can send to me immediately.
      Everyone is encouraged to participate regardless of skill level. With or without an SLR. It will help you grow as a photographer to see how others perspectives on a similar subject.
      Person in charge this month is gsusmaniac.
      Water is the topic for this month. Do with it what you will.
      Previous topics have been:
      april- reflections
      may- life's simple pleasures
      june- landscapes
      july- industry
      August - Solitude
      September - City Life
      October - Silhouettes
      November - no contest
      December - Holidays
      January - Music
      February - Motion
      Please be prepared to choose something new if you win.

      Modified by .:RDriver at 6:12 PM 2/29/2008

    2. Member Twelvizm's Avatar
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      Apr 12th, 2004
      Portland, Oregon
      W210, E21, B5.5
      03-04-2008 12:19 AM #2
      Fine, I'll be first and break the ice. There's no EXIF because this is a composite.
      Water is in snow form. And, the glacier that is being ridden on, supplies the water to my city.

      This is what sarcasm and snarkiness looks like, with a smidge of displaced smugness, and justified jadedness

    3. 03-04-2008 12:29 PM #3
      so basic photoshop editing I can send in composites then??

    4. Member
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      Sep 3rd, 2001
      south jersey
      03-04-2008 03:59 PM #4
      Quote, originally posted by NIKONMAN »
      so basic photoshop editing I can send in composites then??

      yea, that composite isn't going to fly in the end. but it's early enough that he can resubmit another shot in it's place.

    5. Member Huckvw's Avatar
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      Aug 28th, 2004
      '92 GTi, '15 Fiesta ST
      03-04-2008 04:12 PM #5
      I'll try...it's some dumping site at an abandoned mining facility. The white sign across the lake says "DANGER CHEMICALS" and the orange rocks were directly beneath a drainage pipe.

      Modified by Huckvw at 1:14 PM 3-4-2008

    6. 03-05-2008 07:31 PM #6

    7. Member laurenexclusive's Avatar
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      Sep 19th, 2007
      2010/GOLF 1955/BUG
      03-06-2008 10:31 PM #7
      Quote, originally posted by vwgilly »

      mmmm water.. =] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    8. Member H. Stark's Avatar
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      Apr 17th, 2007
      2001 Miata SE
      03-08-2008 04:00 AM #8
      snow = water ??

    9. 03-08-2008 09:21 AM #9
      Well heres my submission for the month...got the 55-200 VR from the wife for our anniversary.

    10. Member onelowdub82's Avatar
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      Sep 24th, 2006
      Poconos PA
      04 Jetta
      03-08-2008 02:01 PM #10
      here's my submission: small water fall @ Beltzville State Park, PA


      Resident snaps guy for www.quattroholic.com

    11. 03-08-2008 11:50 PM #11
      Milford Sound, South Island, NZ.
      Edit: not taken this month - dq'd.

      Modified by tachycardia at 8:53 PM 3-8-2008

      Modified by tachycardia at 8:22 PM 3-10-2008

    12. Member Motorwerks's Avatar
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      Nov 6th, 2002
      Roseville, CA
      07 F150
      03-09-2008 07:21 PM #12
      Prolly wont win took this yesterday. They are in front of water Ying is drinking water, and we were all soaked from riding
      Maybe we should chug on over to mamby pamby land where maybe we can find some self confidence for you, you jack wagon!- R. Lee Ermey

    13. Member fastGTI4u's Avatar
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      Apr 27th, 2007
      03-09-2008 10:05 PM #13

      on my vacation

    14. 03-10-2008 02:13 AM #14
      im still learning so i probably wont win but heres my shot

    15. 03-10-2008 02:37 AM #15
      I'll have to go take some pictures.

    16. Member fazed1's Avatar
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      Dec 5th, 2004
      New Hampshire
      Too many to list
      03-10-2008 06:33 AM #16
      Quote, originally posted by 89glwiththat »
      snow = water ??

      yeah, well an inch of rain is equal to 10 inches of snow.

    17. Member WhiteAudi's Avatar
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      Jun 20th, 2004
      Monroe Township NJ
      03-10-2008 10:57 PM #17
      not taken this month so I dont qualify to enter but I want to share anyways.

    18. Member JUSTINCASE1021's Avatar
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      Apr 27th, 2004
      Providence RI
      2004 VW Jetta Wagon GLS
      03-11-2008 07:08 PM #18
      I make beats...the beats don't make me....

      Alexi DeRochambeau was my hero....R.I.P.

    19. 03-12-2008 12:40 PM #19
      Is that the Blackstone? I'm moving back to RI this summer. RI is much more photogenic than FL, IMO.

    20. Member OWENthatsmyname's Avatar
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      Feb 26th, 2007
      shut up
      03-13-2008 01:58 PM #20

      Modified by OWENthatsmyname at 8:31 AM 3-14-2008
      flickr@owenthatsmyname <----instagramz

    21. 03-14-2008 10:52 AM #21
      Here is my submission for the month:

      * I just realized I didn't shoot this in RAW! Flickr does show the date taken as 3/2/08 which is true.

      Modified by skatingzooyork at 10:28 AM 3-21-2008

    22. 03-14-2008 08:03 PM #22
      I shoot all mine in JPEG.

    23. 03-14-2008 09:10 PM #23
      Quote, originally posted by gsusmaniac &raquo;
      I shoot all mine in JPEG.

      Quote, originally posted by .:RDriver &raquo;

      Person in charge this month is gsusmaniac.

      Well then I guess I won't worry. Thanks [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    24. 03-17-2008 12:06 AM #24
      Bigger sizes in my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/24096159@N07/

      Modified by enim at 12:02 PM 3-17-2008

    25. 03-17-2008 02:24 PM #25


      Modified by skatingzooyork at 10:30 AM 3-21-2008

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