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    Thread: Genuine italian leather shift boots - custom made for your car!

    1. 09-26-2011 04:43 PM #106
      Hello guys!

      New week brings new products in our offer :-)
      We are expanding our range of model-specific decorations. Following our ///M-Stripes, here come the legendary NISMO Stripes!

      Like it? I personally cannot wait to see them installed

      Or maybe you have your own idea what kind of model-specific decoration we could develop? Let us know and Let's Do It Together!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    2. 10-01-2011 02:23 PM #107

      Let me present the official start of 2 new product lines at RedlineGoods.

      We are now expanding our offer with embroidery and headrest covers!

      Some time ago I showed you Subaru logo embroidered on our leather. Remember that?

      Now, RedlineGoods proudly presents the official start of EMBROIDERY in our offer!

      And here's the VERY FIRST embroidered item made by RedlineGoods for a customer who ordered it - not just for a sample to show off

      Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our brand new E46 3-Series BMW Embroidered Headrest cover!. And yes - this means we will be making headrest covers as well We are now starting a new product line. VAG-related embroidery and headrest inquiries welcome

      front side:

      back side:

      Do you like it? Would you like to have your interior enriched with embroidery? Now it's way easier than ever before!

      That's right. Embroidery, that many of you have already expected us to make is ready for you to make you even more proud of your ride!

      Our cooperation with autoEMBROIDERY guys is warming up quickly and now you can find embroidery ordering option available on our website.

      So, once you order anything from them, just submit your RedlineGoods order number and specify the size and location of the embroidery. And that's it! It's that simple! From this moment on we will take care of all the logistics so that you get your leathers from us. The way it's always been.

      So, browse through their website to find what they can do for you. They mainly do custom orders so their stocklist is quite short only to show their potential. Be assured that, as their website says there's nothing impossible for them.
      Contact them directly any expectations you may have. Anything you want to have embroidered on the items we'll be making for you, they will do. For sure!

      And here's our new 10% DISCOUNT CODE valid thru Oct. 7th: 778RBYJM021

      And now the surprise: this code will also work on autoEMBROIDERY website so once you decide to order embroidery, YOU SAVE TWICE!

      So, have a great weekend and enjoy planning your whole new embroidered interior!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    3. 10-05-2011 05:43 PM #108
      And here's another new product from our model-specific-decoration line:

      Black Carbon Fiber accompanied by genuine leather German Flag invented by one of our customers right after he saw our Nismo-Stripes!

      He thought that german flag will be a great way to upgrade his 2011 VW's interior.

      And what do you say? Any idea what other decoration we can make using our stripes?

      Let me know. I will be glad to do it for you

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    4. 10-07-2011 05:52 PM #109

      Since 1999 we, RedlineGoods, have been supplying genuine leather interior parts to give automotive enthusiasts this unique feel of luxury, individuality and sportiness, that makes your car unique, one of a kind piece of art rather than mere means of transportation. To make you Take Pride In Your Ride.

      Now the time has come to go another step forward. We are now giving you a chance to feel this unique smooth luxury and sporty feel ALL THE TIME while driving! From now on your hands will experience this ultimate softness and warmth only genuine leather can give.

      Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome The RedlineGoods Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Wraps!

      Here’s the steering wheel wrap for E34 BMW M5 prepared by our team and fitted onto the wheel by our happy customer’s wife :
      The car is now being upgraded at a tuning shop so we have to wait a few days for the pics of the wheel installed but hey, doesn't it look gorgeous anyway?

      As you see, this by far is not a one-size-fits-all wrap sold by many other leather companies that is meant to fit all cars but always looks as if dedicated to another model!
      Our steering wheel wraps, as well as all our products, are precisely tailored to fit only one specific steering wheel model. They are always made based on OEM parts so their fitment will also be as OEM! Provided that you put enough care, patience and precision to install them of course

      And before you ask – we of course offer much more that just this one wheel cover – this is only the first swallow to bring the summer We are now working on a few templates for more Bimmers, Nismos, Mustangs, Miatas, etc. So stay tuned for more!

      I know, I know! You guys cannot wait to get yours now before anyone else does But wait! Check our new DISCOUNT CODE and SAVE 10% on your brand new wheel cover! Here’s the code valid thru Friday, October 14th: SYH778DK042 Enjoy!

      And remember – the same code works also on our Embroidery friends’ website: so once you decide on an embroidery on your RedlineGoods leathers, you save twice!

      So, have a great weekend, enjoy your free time and think what you can do for your ride next week

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    5. 10-20-2011 09:38 AM #110

      In the middle of the Let me introduce you to our newest product:

      2007+ Hyundai Genesis Coupe shift boot!

      Just installed by our happy customer in the most classic colour combination possible: black + red. But when made in sporty perforated leather and perfectly matched with terior trim it gives a whole new meaning to the word "classic".

      See for yourself:

      Awesome, isn't it?

      So, if you have an idea what colour combination will match your interior, here's something for you - our new 10% DISCOUNT CODE valid thru Oct. 26th: 7X78VHW07S8. Enjoy!

      But if 10% is not enough for you, ten join our FaceBook Page and drop by every day. There will be at least one 20% DISCOUNT CODE to be won each day until next wednesday in our series of quick contests

      See you there!

      And remember – All RedlineGoods discount codes work also on our Embroidery friends’ website: so once you decide on an embroidery on your RedlineGoods leathers, you save twice!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    6. 10-28-2011 03:54 PM #111
      Hello VAG enthusiasts!

      We, the RedlineGoods Team are happy to invite you to our first ever HAPPY WEEKEND!!!

      Up till now our practise has been to publish 10% discount codes valid for one week. But this time we decided to give you MORE!

      Ladies and Gentlemen! RedlineGoods HAPPY WEEKEND has just begun!!! From now until Sunday Midnight use this special code: HAPPY778090 and SAVE 20% on all your purchases!

      And remember - the same code works also on our embroidery partners' website: autoEMBROIDERY, so if you decide to have your new leather goods embroidered, YOU SAVE TWICE!!!

      And, to help you make the decision, let me show you the interior of our first happy embroidered headrest covers user:

      Like it? Your interior can look just as great! Even if you don't find the headrest covers for your car available on our website! There's only one thing you need to do to have your brand new RedlineGoods headrest covers - ask
      We are now expanding our range of headrest covers so anybody interested, please PM me and GET YOURS FOR FREE Here's how:

      So, See you all at: RedlineGoods

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    7. 11-04-2011 12:19 PM #112

      How many companies do you know that are always willing to go the extra mile for you? How often have you heard "not available", "not possible", "too difficult", etc.? Well, not us! We are always willing to do for you much more than any other company! If there's something we do not offer for your car at the moment, we won't say: "not available". What you will hear is: "We'll be more than happy to do it for you and if you give us some assistance, you'll get it for free!"

      Here's proof. A set of 2007+ Nissan Altima headrest cover made for free for a customer who sent us his headrests. Together with 100% custom embroidery, the covers will be a great addition to his customized interior:

      Want to have your interior customized in similar way? Do not hesitate to ask!

      Still in doubt? Here's something that will help you decide: "HAPPY WEEKEND"! As of right now, through Midnight on Sunday, you get FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

      So, see you all at this weekend!

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    8. 11-12-2011 02:16 PM #113
      Guys & Gals

      We've just made another step towards maximizing your driving comfort and luxury feel when you drive.

      Our line of Padded Seat Belt Pads is a great idea to complement your custom interior. They are very comfortable due to their padded backing and very stylish at the same time. They can be further enhanced with embroidery, as pictures below show:

      Our pads are tailor made for your car, will fit flush to your seatbelts and are not bulky and oversized like some cheap pads available elsewhere. They will match in color and style to your other RedlineGoods items!

      Made with the same material and thread colors as your other items, they will really set things off in your interior! Our leather lets your arms breathe comfortably unlike cheap vinyl or leatherette pads.

      And here's something you were really expecting here - our -10% DISCOUNT CODE thru Friday, Nov. 18: 7F7G8D8E5I4. Just to make you want our pads more

      We have also added the possibility to order embroidery for the pads and other items directly on our order form, all in one stop.

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    9. 11-18-2011 06:42 PM #114
      Hello fellow car enthusiasts!

      Remember our embroidered BMW E46 headrests we showed you two weeks ago? Based on huge number of customers' inquiries we continue to expand this product line.

      Find below some headrest designs we've recently developed:

      2005-2009 Ford Mustang:

      Nissan Skyline R33:

      Nissan 240 SX S14 / S14A:

      Nissan 350Z:

      As all our products, they are all precisely tailored to fit your headrests like a glove unlike cheap "universal" ones you can find elsewhere. They mount with velcro or a zipper, which will be completely invisible once you pop them back into your seat, so you get a factory-like end result!

      Further enriched with the embroidery of your choice, will make your car totally unique and gain you extra points at any car show!

      Like it?

      Then grab our new discount code valid thru Friday, Nov. 25th: 7X7XS887A5E and SAVE 10% on all your purchases!

      And remember - the same code works also on our embroidery partners' website: autoEMBROIDERY, so if you decide to have your new leather goods embroidered, YOU SAVE TWICE!!!

      And, as always - if it's not available on our site, you can get it for free. So if your car's headrests are not supported, read this:

      So, See you all at: RedlineGoods

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    10. Member prolak's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 11th, 2011
      Queens, NY
      1999 Audi A6 2.8 (gone), 1995 Passat GLX (gone), 1998 Jetta Vr6
      11-18-2011 07:06 PM #115
      Hey im interested in buying a black suede shift boot and ebrake boot for my 1995 passat glx. Can you let know what the price would be. Thanks

      Sent from my SGH-T959 using Tapatalk

    11. 11-19-2011 06:40 AM #116

      Find it all here:, scroll down the page, choose your desired product and you'll be transfered to our ordering page where you will choose all options, see the price, and use our discount code

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    12. Semi-n00b
      Join Date
      Aug 19th, 2011
      WA State
      Passat 1.8T (auto), Passat TDI (5-speed)
      11-19-2011 02:56 PM #117
      Quote Originally Posted by View Post
      no discount code this time. But we got this:

      We have slashed all our prices starting with 20% off each single item, up to 30% on larger purchases!
      Any Christmas 30% off coming up for winter 2011? I'm due for a new shift knob and e-brake for my B4 Passat.

    13. 11-28-2011 05:20 PM #118
      Hey all,

      racing stripes, anyone? I personally LOVE the way this looks!

      Cyber Monday Special discount code is HAPPY778884 - GOOD FOR 20% OFF ON ALL PRODUCTS, ONLY TODAY!

      Take care and have a great week guys!

      RedlineGoods Team

    14. 12-31-2011 05:06 AM #119
      2011 ends with a bang!

      Extremely sporty! Extremely durable! Extremely classy! Genuine GRADATION BRIDE (TM) has recently arrived at RedlineGoods to make you take even more pride in your ride!

      Born in Japan, bred in motorsports, can be found in numerous thoroughbred sports cars, now available for you!

      Like it? Then hurry up! Grab your piece before anybody else does! Gradation Bride (TM) is only available while supplies last! Since this material is ridiculously expensive WE WILL NOT replenish our stock once it runs out.

      And remember! You still have one day of FREE SHIPPING left!

      So, HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR ALL! Enjoy planning the whole new look of your ride, and meet us at for more and more exciting products, contests and prize draws! Yes, there will be some soon

      Take care
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods

    15. 01-16-2012 08:51 AM #120
      Friday the 13th happily passed and...

      ...We've just received cool pictures of our items made with GENUINE ALCANTARA! Well-suited to a wide range of automotive applications, providing:

      Softness - unmistakable, pleasant sensation
      Comfort - porous, constant through summer and winter, anti static, hypoallergenic
      Driving safety - not surprisingly, Alcantara is used on Formula One racers and Gran Turismo cars
      Durability - characteristics withstand the tests of time and weather

      Alcantara can be easily combined with other materials, such as leather and fabric, thus leaving a wide margin for design creativity and innovation. The sum of its qualities make Alcantara the perfect link between emotion and performance.

      We offer colors 9040 (black) and 9002 (charcoal). This is THE STUFF guys and girls! BMW, Audi and other makes use these exact fabrics.

      This is color 9002, pics of 9040 soon! Notice how the shade differs depending on lighting conditions.

      And here is the current dicount code: 8D4DB08I60G - valid through Friday, January 20th!

      Have a great day,
      Maciek & Jack
      Team RedlineGoods

    16. 01-28-2012 02:52 PM #121

      'nuff said…

      Maciek&Jack Team

    17. 04-06-2012 02:34 PM #122
      Hello everyone!

      More updates on our wheels. Here's a 93-02 Firebird wheel. Notorious for being too thin for most of us. This one has been padded (see our steering wheel padding) and wrapped in Genuine Black Alcantara®… As opposed to the stock sized wheel in black leather on the left:

      And the GM wheel found on C5s, G5s, HHRs, Skys and Solstices:

      Here's the EASTER DISCOUNT CODE, 10% off everything through this month's most SPOOKY day… Friday the 13th! 8IZ43AHP239

      Happy Easter everyone!

    18. 05-10-2012 11:28 AM #123
      Hi everybody

      New in town are our HEADREST ACCENTS. They can come in any colors/finishing styles and they are the best place to show off embroidery, however custom it may be. As on this Jeep, where each piece is unique!

      Great price, too! $58 for two is a real bargain compared to other makers out there!

      You can knock another 10% off this price if you use this discount code, valid through Wednesday, May 16th! 8VJ440D4GM8

      Have a great week guys&gals!

    19. 06-23-2012 04:48 PM #124

      A LOT has changed on our website since we last talked

      We have been adding new products, as well as exciting interior accessory customization options, and we would like to take this opportunity to show you at a glance some of the things we have been working on. To invite you to revisit our website, please note the FACEBOOK CONTEST for photos of our products in your car with $200 HARD CASH (not store credit or a discount coupon!) to win!

      A product line we have been developing intensively are leather steering wheel covers. Unlike anything you have seen so far from online retailers, these are just like factory, covering both the rim AND the spokes of the wheel. Basically... everything, except for the airbag and/or buttons! Just one sample, of a GM wheel fitting a range of cars from a Pontiac G5 all the way to the Chevy Corvette C6!

      There are very many wheel types you can find on our site... and the list is growing constantly! Click this link to see more pictures of our wheel covers!

      Please do visit us. You will like what you see. And if you find something you really like, here's a 10% DISCOUNT CODE FOR ALL PURCHASES valid through Jun 30th!


      Just paste it into the discount code field on the order form and hit APPLY to get 10% off instantly!

      See you at

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    20. 08-21-2012 07:37 PM #125
      It's been some time since we last published anything. But this doesn't mean we weren't working har developing even more ways to make you Take Pride In Your Ride.

      And this is one of them - remember that I told you some time ago there's no such thing as "impossible" or "not avilable" here, at RedlineGoods? I'm sure you do! To assure you let me show you the image one of our customer sent us to describe what he expects his steering whel to be:

      Crazy idea? Of course. Difficult to make? Definitely! Not precise drawing? Well, a bit Our reply? Let's do it! This will of course cost extra but we'll be happy to make it for you

      So now, if you have your own 100% custom idea of how you'd like to upgrade your interior and you feel that RedlineGoods touch is something your interior needs, please feel free to visit our website, and use this code: 84L6YTQ4K84 to get 10% discount Code valid until Tuesday, Aug. 28th.

      And remember, our Take Pride In Your Ride contest is still open for your entries and the $350 is still at stake !

      See you at

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    21. 09-17-2012 07:41 PM #126
      Had enough of stock interior? Fed up with your base trim level?

      We, The RedlineGoods Team, have a solution for you! Why not upgrade your interior with RedlineGoods parts so that it gets a whole new look, sometimes even better than highest factory trim level available!

      Have a look - this is a base Acura TL steering wheel, padded and rewrapped in A-spec style:

      And yes, something similar can be done to your steering wheel as well - you too can have you interior upgraded so that it looks way better than highest trim level available for your car

      Wanna try? Then here's our current 10% discount code - valid thru 2012-9-24: S8LS47D272X


      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    22. 10-08-2012 07:42 PM #127
      Guys and Girls!

      We received this photo a few days ago from one of you guys and were astonished by the quality and precision of his wrapping job! See for yourself - yes, CrK wrapped his steering wheel in our wrap BY HIMSELF!

      And we thought how great it would be to make more and more of you so proud of your rides!

      So here it goes - REEDLINEGOODS GROUP BUY!!!

      Join here:! and SAVE UP TO 50% !!!

      Group Buy is in no way limited only to steering wheel covers - you're free to choose from everything we have :-)


      RedlineGoods Team

    23. 12-15-2012 05:45 PM #128
      Need last-minute Christmas ideas for a gearhead you know... or you are yourself... ? Look no further!

      Not sure what to style to pick, or not sure how to make your loved ones pick the perfect RedlineGoods product for your ride? Need 110% guarantee you will get it in time for the Christmas sock?

      Please consider our Gift Cards!

      1. Set any value you like (no pre-determined choices that you have to live with - you control the exact dollar amount!)

      2. Print it instantly upon ordering. No wait time, no headache!

      You can finance your Christmas shopping with RedlineGoods by using PayPal BillMe Later. Free up to 6 months, $5 back for your first purchase over $99!

      Being a Gearhead-Santa is a great experience! See for yourself at RedlineGoods

      Take Care

      RedlineGoods Team

    24. 02-24-2013 05:50 AM #129

      It's the last chance to take part in our Photo Pageant and get 50% REFUND on your next RedlineGoods purchase!

      Place your order in February and send a good photo of your goods installed before end of March to: Photos will be uploaded to our Facebook album on a weekly basis and the most voted photo each week will get a 50% REFUND!

      Still undecided? Here's somthing that should help you decide - a 10% DISCOUNT CODE valid thru March 2nd: 9C1NO2F4Q06

      Do not planning to buy anything now? Then vote for your favourite contest photo to have a chance to win a 50% DISCOUNT CODE!

      Ah, and one more thing - in February we started a our CarOfTheDay action - every single day we pick a car and slash our prices for everything we have for it by 20%.

      See you at:

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    25. 04-13-2013 05:14 AM #130
      We've done some really nice custom embroideries recently. I hope you like them as much as we do :-)

      Would you like to have your interior upgraded in a similar way? Then it's the best time to do it! Because we WILL NOT charge you extra for custom embroidery (we normally charge $99) !!!

      Offer valid for all orders placed till April 30th!

      Still undecided? Then maybe you'll like our 10% discount code valid till April 19th?

      Here it goes: T9WM13X2C57. ENOJY!

      See you at :-)

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    26. 04-26-2013 07:46 PM #131
      Ever suffered from a lower back or neck pain after driving?

      Came back home from work finding it hard to just stand upright?

      Never again! We have something for you - a great way to MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER BY TAKING THE PAIN AWAY!

      Please welcome our Lumbar Pads!!!
      Very comfortable due to their padded backing and very stylish at the same time. They can be further enhanced with embroidery, as picture below shows.

      Can be mounted either around the seatback at lumbar height, or around the lower part of headrest for extra neck support. The pad will yield when your neck/lumbar presses against it, but will provide very good support for the troublesome areas of your spine.

      Available in round (thicker) or teardrop (thinner) shape. Both use elastic with a buckle for immediate installation, can be moved as needed in seconds, removed for comfortable cleaning and used for other applications as well, not just in your car!

      If this is what your back was begging you for, meet me at: and make proper use of this 10% discount code valid till May 3rd: U914NN0A0U9. ENOJY!

      See you at :-)

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    27. 05-09-2013 07:58 PM #132
      I'm sure many of you guys are taking part in a show, car meet, motorsport event once in a while :-)

      Some of you probably are going to have their car featured in a car magazine, printed or online :-)

      And there's a bunch of people with CARDOMAIN profile here for sure :-)

      Are you one of the above? That's great news to hear! Because we have something special for you! We want you to Show Pride In Your Ride! And if you agree to show and give out some our leaflets during any event you will take part in or shouw RedlineGoods leathers installed in your car on your CarDomain album together with links to our website we will gladly REFUND you UP TO 50% of he price you paid! Please see the conditions here: Show Pride In Your Ride and Take Pride In Your Ride! Offer valid for all orders placed from May 1st.

      And here's something that should convince you even more: our 10% DISCOUNT CODE valid thru May 17th: 9AJ14T0GH51. Enjoy :-)

      Meet me at :-)

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

    28. 05-27-2013 07:24 PM #133
      We have just introduced another cool addition to our extensive range of customization options for you to Take Pride In Your Ride - Pleating.

      It's available in two different versions:

      Sporty parallel pleating:

      Or more classic, luxury diamond pleating (easy to find in top-of-the-tops cars like Aston Martin or Lamborghini):

      Like it? Then imagine how cool it may look on your armrest, door panel, lubmar pad or on any other part you'd like to have

      And as soon as you decide, please bear in mind that our [SIZE="3"]MEMORIAL DAY SALE[/SIZE] means you'll get 20% OFF EVERYTHING Until May 31st!

      Just paste this code into our ordering form: [SIZE="3"]9H1A4P0P9Y3[/SIZE] and ENJOY YOUR 20% DISCOUNT!

      Meet me at

      Have a great week!

      Take care

      RedlineGoods Team

    29. 06-15-2013 12:49 PM #134

      Just paste this code: 9H14A8P5P1Y and EJNOY your 20% DISCOUNT!!!

      Meet me at

      Take care
      RedlineGoods Team

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