Recently bought a 2002 mkiv 24v vr6 gti with v9 sc from vf. Car has 50,000 miles and sc has close to 40,000 miles. New to VW's, superchargers and don't have much experience working on cars. Things may be getting difficult or at the least interesting. I've only gotten through about 20 pages of this thread and will continue on.

I have all the records from the car since day 1 and the PO was changing the MAF about every 2,500 miles for the past 10,000 miles. Paying the dealer almost $400 each time! I think the MAF is beginning to act up again. Seems like performance is a little reduced, some occasional "bucking" and tonight the car sputtered and died but started right back up. On the local Pacific Northwest thread another Vortex member recommended I move the MAF because it gets to hot sitting right next to the supercharger and supercharger discharge tube. I just want to find the MAF first try cleaning it and replacing it if needed using the 2.0 MAF. I haven't started to take anything apart yet and am looking for a few (maybe a lot - time will tell) pointers/advice.

1) Is the maf connected to the sc intake tube right after the air filter (which is mostly straight tube running down in front of the right/passenger tire)?

2) Will the intake/air filter lift out of the fender well after removing the flexible tubing from the supercharer intake opening?

3) Will the MAF wiring allow it to be lifted out without disconnecting?

4) Do i need to take the bumper and/or left fender off to access the air filter and MAF?

5) Recommendations for possible thread with tips for removing the fender/bumper from a mkiv?

6) Possible tips for relocating the air intake/filter/maf?

7) In time I may try to increase air flow/boost by changing pulleys, injectors (if needed) and adding awic from frozen boost. I am assuming car is running GIAC that came with vf kit. If system is upgraded as indicated above I will likely need a new tune? Any tune recommended for boost increase to 8 -10 psi? (need to put gauge in first don't know what current boost level is) Any tunes set up to allow MAF to be installed after sc?

That is probably more than enough questions for now and thanks for any hep or suggestions.