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    Thread: How to replace the center cap on a hubcap/wheel cover?

    1. 04-20-2008 05:13 PM #1
      I bought a new non-OEM hubcap off eBay and to my surprise, the center piece/center cap was a sticker instead of the metal emblem.
      I have a broken hubcap with the metal emblem on it, is there a way I can remove its center cap and put it on the new hubcap? Is that recommended?

    2. 04-21-2008 12:47 PM #2

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      04-21-2008 02:40 PM #3
      I've removed many center inserts from scrapped VW wheel covers. Sometimes they pop right off with almost no effort, other times they are glued down so tight that I can't get them off without destroying them. So, you may or may not be able to do this. What I usually do is remove the wire ring from the back of the wheel cover and bend the whole wheel cover in half (VW covers are nylon and will flex like that without breaking). When you are holding the cover in the bent position, the edge of the center insert will start to pick up and you can get a putty knife behind it. Once you have that, just try to work it off. Like I said, sometimes it will come easily and other times not. If you get it off, use silicone (tub and tile sealant) to attach it to the new cover.
      By the way, 90% of the Chinese replica wheel covers on eBay are junk. There's a reason why they are so cheap...
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