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    Thread: Rear door stuck shut, help!

    1. 04-28-2008 12:42 PM #1
      Ok guys, first time I've posted on the forum, mostly use it as a resource than posting anything of my own. Asked a few forums from the UK, but getting nowhere really. So over to the Vortex to help solve my problem.
      Basically I have a 5-door MkIV Golf. The rear passenger door would not open via the outside handle, nor the interior trigger. Its jammed shut. I know some people eventually get it open by pressing against the locking mechanism area and pulling on the outside handle and the door sometimes releases. I have tried this and its still stuck solid.
      I've got the doorcard off, the iinner metal plate unbolted and the window is help up with a block of wood. I've also disconnected the electrical plug on the mechanism (the pins you can see in the pictures below)
      This is the stage I'm at with this:

      Looking inside the door frame towards the lock mechanism, the following can be seen:

      In the picture below, the gold coloured lever highlighted by arrow A moves via the outside handle. The black edge highlighted by arrow B is the edge of another lever which is activated by the interior door trigger.

      Any help where I go next to try and release the door?
      I can't see what it is exactly that levers A and B highlighted in the picture above are releasing to open the door. There must be something around that locking mechanism unit thats stopping the door opening.
      Cheers all,
      Oh and I tried messing around with the child locks, the central locking and the lock/handles on the door to try free the door. The basics didn't work, so I've no choice but to strip it down like this to release the door. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

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      04-28-2008 01:43 PM #2
      This happened on my sisters new beetle. Thankfully you can pull the door card off, I couldn't and it was a lot messier.
      What I did was take the wire that connects to the inside door handle and give it to a buddy. Have them pull on it as hard as they can. Then, as they're pulling, climb in push as hard as you can on the door. Slamming works too, but be careful about that window, I would take it out of the door if I were you.
      You'll have to hit it hard, like a 500 lbs American Football player. But it should pop out.
      I believe the Beetle and the MKIV (golf and Jetta) have the same door locks so this should remedy your problem.
      Afterwards her door worked fine, nothing had to be replaced.
      Good luck to you.
      (FiSHBOWLSTAtUS) ><(((*>
      Suede is Played
      ♥ Mila

    3. 04-28-2008 02:41 PM #3
      The lock has served me well for 10 years Only now is my car beginning to show faults left, right and center!
      We don't get American football over here But I'll put my tackling skills to the test for this.
      The doorcard wasn't too easy to remove, the screws along the bottom were impossible to remove with the door closed. 3 hours and lots of trial and error got them out.
      So as a friend pulls the inside door trigger cord (in picture below) I've to be inside to ram the door outwards at the same time?

      As for removing the glass, I'd agree its a good idea if I'm going to be wrestling the door open with some force. How do I slide the glass free?
      Thanks for the help. Ross. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]

    4. 05-07-2008 02:08 PM #4
      Well over the weekend I tried the method above, pulling the interior door trigger cord and using force to open the door and it isn't for moving. Was at the point I didn't want to put any more force onto the door.
      So, gotta try something else now.
      I also tried to see what access I could gain to the mechanism and bracket from inside the car. I took the rear seats out, pulled the plastics off from around the door and pulled the rubbers off from inside.
      I could then look down into the contour of the door (the part with the lock bracket on it that you would see with the door open).
      I can partly see the side of the locking mechanism on the door. Can get a screwdriver in at an angle, but from looking at the drivers rear door I'd just be pushing against the latch.
      Anyone got any ideas at all? Its getting to the point of desperate to get this open.

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