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    Thread: fusebox diagram for 92 jetta. need info on relays

    1. 05-06-2008 08:34 PM #1
      i need to know what relay goes where in my jetta
      i have a 92 california made jetta with 1.8 8valve.
      my windsheild wipers and my hazards/blinkers wont work
      i was having a lot of electrical problems so i already installed a new fusebox and complete hareness.
      now im replacing all the relays just dont know which ones to get or where the go in the fusebox. lol

      so far ive solved all my problems other then those 2.

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      05-06-2008 08:46 PM #2

      Relay No. Description
      1 Air conditioning
      2 Open
      3 Digifant control unit (except 16-valve)
      4 Load reduction relay
      5 Low coolant level control unit or Open
      6 Emergency flashers
      7 Open
      8 Intermittent wipers
      9 Seat belt warning system control unit
      10 Fog lights
      11 Horn
      12 Fuel pump (except diesel)Glow plugs (diesel)
      13 Radiator cooling fan after run (except 16-valve)2.0 16-valve: Starter interlock relay
      14 Automatic trans., coolant temperature indicator,starter interlock relay (except 2.0 16-valve)2.0 16-valve: Radiator cooling fan after run
      15 ABS pump relay
      16 ABS relay
      17 Heated seat control unit, driver
      18 Heated seat control unit, passenger, or power seat circuit breaker
      19 Automatic transmission
      20 Open
      21 Power window relay, ABS hydraulic pump fuse
      22 ABS valves fuse
      23 Air conditioning, power seat fuse
      24 Power window fuse
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      05-06-2008 09:35 PM #3
      relay 21 in position 6. 19 or 99 in position 8

    4. 05-08-2008 03:57 AM #4
      thank you so much your life savers. or should i say dub savers. lol

      wouldnt have done it with out you thanks.

    5. 04-21-2009 04:56 AM #5
      can you tell me what each number for the relays are for for the mk2 jetta relay spots?

    6. n00b
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      09-01-2011 08:59 PM #6
      first, i've been looking for a diagram like that everywhere, thanks for posting that. lately my jetta has been kind of gutless and misfiring, and i plan on picking up a new fuel filter for it to see if that's the only problem. thing is, the fuel pump sometimes doesn't want to come on when i turn the key to the on position, even though i bought a brand new relay for it, and i have to jiggle the fuse box to get it to turn on (i can hear it hum then click). is that a loose wire, if yes, then where? other problems with electrical, the windshield wiper sometimes won't click on until i've pushed the arm to the max setting, and the turn signal likes to go then either "fizzle out" or just stop, leaving the little green indicator bulb on the dash on. any ideas? thanks for the help

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