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    Thread: B6 S4 Maintenance Schedule

    1. 05-28-2008 04:09 PM #1
      Hi everyone,
      I'm considering an S4 Avant and wanted to know some things about the maintenance of this fine automobile before I made the jump. I'm looking for a list of scheduled maintenance this vehicle requires (yes, I searched) preferably with estimated costs of each. I can get local costs to get the services done once I have the list, but an idea of what others have paid would be some nice food for thought. On that note, has anyone had to replace the clutch yet? I'm curious to know how much I'm looking at if and when the time comes. Getting the car is one thing, but keeping it properly serviced is another and I'm trying to determine if that is something I can afford to undertake before buying the car and finding out the hard way.

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