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    Thread: OBD1 to OBD2 conversion

    1. 06-16-2008 02:12 PM #1
      I have a 96 jetta (2.0) with standard trans. It has a crunched up body. I'm thinking of dropping the whole engine-and-trans (together) into a 95 jetta body (standard). Anyhew, I want to STAY with obd2, I don't want to have OBD1. I already did a search, and read that the 1995 OBD1 ports, are the exact same as the OBD2 ports. So what would I need to do to make it OBD2? Is it possible? If I move the ECU WITH the engine, and move over a few other module, will it make it instantly obd2?

    2. Senior Member jhayesvw's Avatar
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      Oct 3rd, 2001
      Tucson, AZ
      12' GTI
      06-16-2008 04:06 PM #2
      if you take everything from your car and put it into the 95, it will be obd2. but for emissions purposes, it will probably be obd1 still.

    3. 06-16-2008 04:23 PM #3
      Do I have to pull the dash? Or do you just mean "everything under the hood"? Also, what do you mean by "for emissions standards"?

    4. Member redskinsboy326's Avatar
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      Oct 24th, 2007
      Indianapolis, IN
      96 2.0
      06-16-2008 04:26 PM #4
      for emission standards it will go by the year of the car, not the year of the engine.

    5. Member 2.0lover's Avatar
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      Aug 16th, 2006
      98 cabrio VR6
      06-16-2008 04:27 PM #5
      mannn you stole my screen name

    6. 06-16-2008 05:36 PM #6
      why swap?

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