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    Thread: Transmission Fluid for 2001 VW Cabrio

    1. 07-27-2008 06:16 AM #1
      Hello all, I need to change the transmission fluid in my 5 speed manual Cabrio. I am planning on using Mobil 1 synthetic. Does anyone know how much I need to buy? I am hoping this takes care of a problem that started a couple of days ago, once the fluid in the transmission is warmed up I can't shift into 5th gear. It's like hitting a wall with the shifter. When it's cold it shifts fine. I was told that the fluid is thicker and higher in the pan when it's cold and then as it warms up the fluid level is low enough that the highest gear(5th) won't work. Thanks for any help and information.

    2. Member FowVay's Avatar
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      Aug 25th, 2000
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      07-27-2008 08:24 AM #2
      The mobil oil does not meet the requirements of a synchronized manual transmission. It is made for rear axles.
      The current part number for VW's gear oil is G07 072 6A2 and you will need two liters.
      The oil is available from worldimpex dot com for about $11 per liter.

    3. 07-27-2008 09:00 AM #3
      royal purple transmission oil made mine shift much smoother.

    4. 07-27-2008 04:59 PM #4
      Always use specified oils and lubricants (especially transmission and steering ) in your VW. If you don't you may cause yourself problems, expensive problems down the road.

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