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    Thread: Motive Quickie - Porsche Cayman S

    1. 08-12-2008 02:21 AM #1
      <IMG SRC="" BORDER="0"><p><i>Flashiest,</i> <i>quickest,</i> <i>most capable,</i> <i>roomiest,</i> <i>loudest,</i> <i>most comfortable,</i> or <i>wildest</i> don't define the role the Cayman S plays in Porsche's line-up, but it does at least hold one title: It's the one P-car I'd want to live with day in and day out. Hell, the Cayman S not only <i>isn't</i> quick by Porsche standards, it isn't quick by universal performance-car measurements. Every AMG Mercedes this side of the nonsensical G55 will hit 60 mph in less time than the Cayman. If that bothers you, you're missing the point.<p><A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"><b>FULL STORY</b></A><p><A HREF=";p=Manufacturers/Porsche/Boxster%20-%20Cayman/2006-Current%20(type%20987)/Cayman%20S" TARGET="_blank"><b>IMAGE GALLERY</b></A>

    2. 08-17-2008 11:32 PM #2
      I'm not sure about the carpet on the doors, but I like everything else about the car. I hope these depreciate as rapidly as Boxsters do, so I can pick one up in 5-6 years... should be smack dab in the middle of a mid-life crisis by then. <IMG NAME="icon" SRC="" BORDER="0">

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