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    Thread: A boy and his dream

    1. Member aeffertz's Avatar
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      Dec 6th, 2009
      Ladysmith, WI
      '84 Rabbit, 2012 GTI
      10-09-2010 01:28 PM #106
      This thread is great!

    2. 10-11-2010 09:15 AM #107
      Ok so the old rabbit is all most gutted more pics will be up later today.

    3. 10-11-2010 05:57 PM #108
      As promised his old bunny tear down. It was a sad day, but it's all in the name of progress.

      Some of the rust

    4. 10-14-2010 05:44 PM #109
      got my usually sideways rally team shift kit today the funny thing was it said it weighed 5lbs it had a black rod but that's what she said. thank you for the comments please keep following my thread will update soon.

    5. 10-18-2010 10:51 AM #110
      OK so I am posting these while James is at school. So far he has everything he needs to complete the exterior of the car except the Euro Bumpers, but like i told him you can rock the stock ones for a bit and then switch them out. He also has three simple D.I.Y's in mind so check those out when he gets them up. And a big thanks goes out to Steve and James friend Tim for just hanging and lending a hand. And to Mike in the first set of photos.
      So here is the work from this weekend.
      First James jacked up the car and then James removed the tires, it was his first time using an impact.

      His rear disc set up.

      Then we finished taking parts off the back.

      Keegan wanted to help

      striker removal

      Hatch was next.(gonna do a D.I.Y on this)

      What Bolt's?

      Oh never mind.

      Then it was lower rocker molding

      Then it was the front wheel arches and inner fender wells. And look what we found.

      Then it was the air dam

      And what is this in the corner?

      Oh that's what it is!

      And next to it James new motor, A higher compression 8v from a GLI. I think we are going to play with the head a bit add a new valve train and it should do him just fine till he get's a couple years driving under his belt. And the blue, it's going away.

    6. Member uncle_scott's Avatar
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      Oct 12th, 2009
      Layton, UT
      MK6, Tacoma
      10-18-2010 12:53 PM #111
      Your son's love for the cars must run deep. It seems rare that a kid that young stays focused on one thing for that many years, haha. Good job dad, it looks like you guys are having an awesome time together. I think a lot of us here wish we could have done these projects as a kid too.
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      scott is going light weight on everything he even trimmed the beard
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    7. Moderator PLAYED TT's Avatar
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      Oct 17th, 2010
      Reading, PA/ Williamsport, PA
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      10-18-2010 04:19 PM #112
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      Quote Originally Posted by Marcus_Aurelius View Post
      if this really happens, I'm 'stancing' my car and going for some 'hellaflush'.

    8. Member T0neyDanza's Avatar
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      Apr 25th, 2007
      Langley AFB VA
      MK5 GTI, 2012 cc (wife's car) and 4 previous VW's
      08-18-2011 01:43 PM #113
      Back from the dead. I can't wait to do stuff like this with my son. He is only 2 but I already have big plans for him. He loves VDUBS already. I think it's his favorite word actually, that and pointing at my mk5 gti and saying dadda car!

    9. 12-06-2011 08:26 AM #114
      So james car has taken a back seat to my wifes 78 Mach 1 but he is down to needing only a few parts. Seals all of them, euro bumper, and a 1.8 16 valve harness and cpu.
      If anyone has any of these let us know.

    10. Member
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      May 18th, 2011
      '81 rabbit 16v-t
      04-07-2012 06:22 PM #115
      You, sir, are so awesome. I wasn't able to get my own VW until I was 19 now But I've thought to myself that when the time comes, I want my kids to start early on their own cars, with my help of course, so that when they reach the age of driving, they will have something I know is reliable and that they will care a lot about because they know the work that went into it and will appreciate it. to you man

    11. Member philsburydonuts's Avatar
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      Feb 24th, 2006
      i drive everything
      04-08-2012 03:47 AM #116
      Great work guys! I havent seen a thread like this in years!!! its awesome!

    12. Member DjDazer's Avatar
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      Feb 28th, 2012
      Low Angeles, CA
      1979 VW Rabbit Mk1
      04-08-2012 07:18 AM #117
      Very good to know younger kids than me is working on builds. Me being 21 with no dad at 10 was tough learning on my own. Great job on the project and very smart way to keep kids out of trouble!

    13. 07-17-2013 10:55 AM #118
      Ok so it has been awhile, I travel all the time for work so no time to work on anything.
      So just an update, James was getting closer to 16 and the GTI needed paint and re assembly the only part left to buy was the rear roll pan. Well as a teen he was looking for immediate satisfaction.
      So he found a 1990 Audi V8 Quattro and sold all of his collected rabbit parts and motors etc.
      Enter the Audi

      Well not being patient at 15 he decided to take a ride at 3 am. The result

      Yep a totaled Audi!
      So he now has learned from this.
      He has added up all of his casts etc. and the fact that most of his friends are driving. And knows it sucks.
      He also regrets selling the GTI and was on the hunt for a new rabbit!
      Enter Bob ( our local Forums Rabbit Whore, I mean the car when I say this)
      It has been through a lot of hands in our local forum.
      Funny thing is when James got it, Some how his motor from his old GTI would up in this car.

      I guess stay tuned, and yes everyone in the accident was fine.

    14. Member 87veedub's Avatar
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      Oct 22nd, 2007
      Lancaster, PA
      400k b4 wagon
      07-17-2013 03:11 PM #119
      Awesome! I can't wait to do this with my son
      Quote Originally Posted by jbigs268 View Post
      Then wait till you can afford the CXs, buy them so your kid doesnt get shaking baby syndrome from the racelands

    15. 08-22-2013 08:19 PM #120
      So funny thing, James changes cars like no other. Really nothing we can't fix on the Rabbit but for some reason he wants my old Jetta. So the rabbit may be gone soon but first the new throttle body and USRT linkage kit goes in!
      By the way it has a full 84 GTI 8 v in it lightly massaged of course.

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    16. 10-22-2014 09:33 PM #121
      This is James and until I start my own account I wanted to say thanks for all the help and support with all the rabbits and that I'm back at again. I now have a 76 rabbit and this one I'm sticking with. So far ive only done minor things to keep it running, but I'm doing new coil overs soon. I plan to have it look a lot like the last picture with a 1.8T.

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    17. Member vwovw's Avatar
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      Apr 1st, 2004
      10-22-2014 11:28 PM #122
      Ugh. Please don't. You'll regret it later. Do that to a 84. Do you still have it laying around? Sell me the 76.

    18. Member flying_oliver's Avatar
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      Apr 28th, 2013
      Indianapolis, IN
      84 Rabbit Convertible, RIP 92 VW Cabriolet Diesel :(
      10-22-2014 11:58 PM #123
      Quote Originally Posted by vwovw View Post
      Ugh. Please don't. You'll regret it later. Do that to a 84. Do you still have it laying around? Sell me the 76.

      I know that its your car and you can do what you want, but respect the vehicle, its history, and the pristine shape it is in. Coils and a few oem+ mods are ok but don't do what you posted

      Do that to a rabbit that actually has rusted flares and a body that needs some work. That is coming from a 19yr old whose daily is an 84 rabbit 'vert. I am no purist either, the last car I had was a diesel swapped 92 cabby but it sadly got totaled (not my fault)

    19. Member vortexblue's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2001
      Temecula, CA
      multiple miatae
      10-23-2014 12:13 AM #124
      From your pics, the 76 looks halfway decent.
      Don't chop it up like the bottom pic.

    20. Member Sk8rat's Avatar
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      Feb 20th, 2012
      80' caddy
      10-23-2014 08:15 PM #125
      better to have him do this

      than this but im sure that ^ may lead to this again

      "Hi-fi Gods try so hard to make their cars low to the ground"

    21. 10-23-2014 09:29 PM #126
      In his defense it cost him a lot of money to wreck the Audi then add in high risk insurance and the fact that he is now 18 not 15 . I think he will be alright this time lol

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    22. Member
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      Aug 4th, 2000
      Kailua, HI
      MK1 GTI, '95 Golf 2.0T
      10-26-2014 10:46 PM #127

    23. Member
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      Nov 11th, 2002
      North Iowa
      '84 Rabbit VNT-15, '91 golf TD, '87 Jetta GLi, '84GTi 1.7TD, '84 Rabbit diesel
      10-28-2014 02:58 PM #128
      Hey if that bronze Rabbit still has the vinyl peanut butter seat covers.
      I can use a base seat cover if you upgrade to something better.

    24. Junior Member
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      May 20th, 2013
      1995 Volkswagen Golf III Sport
      10-29-2014 11:21 PM #129
      I now have that rabbit whore you were talking about the gold one. I repainted it and did some other work to it.
      some before shots

      and after...
      its now on full coil overs
      getting a cage welded in
      and doing a turbo set up on it for track use

    25. 11-01-2014 10:39 AM #130
      So.... James was reading through this and really wants a slightly modded mk1 , but with what everyone is saying he also understands preserving the the early cars. Also I must chime in and say it is not a swallow tail. It has most of the swallow tail features bug style seats, etc just no radius on the tail light panel it is straight across.
      But with all that said if anyone has a decent late model mk1 or even something else they may want to trade then post it up. Otherwise he is just going to motor swap it etc.

      The pic above is where there is some body work done by previous owner it has some 80 grit scratches

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      Last edited by cadwiz; 11-01-2014 at 11:52 AM.

    26. Member vortexblue's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2001
      Temecula, CA
      multiple miatae
      11-01-2014 01:50 PM #131
      By all means, fix the rust, swap the motor... that's the way to roll.
      A 'lightly modded mk1' is not what was shown in that render. It was some sort of early-2000's 'Fast-n-Furious-meets-Berg-Cup' thing.

      These cars are getting older and are jumping in value due to scarcity of nice examples. I'd aim for mods that can be easily undone. An early car (swallowtail or not), in the correct factory color, with a correct interior can look fantastic with just a set of coilovers, wheels and period accessories. Swap in a 1.8T or 16v. Save the OG parts for the next owner, even if you think 'you're gonna keep this car forever'. These cars (most old cars) wear a 'minimalist' style well.

      If he's truly looking for a car with enormous flares and a race-car look, sell this one and find an unfinished project that's for sale. Projects like that can often go sideways and the owners unload them for pennies on the dollar. It's not that the work was done poorly, but because the original builder's 'vision' is probably different than the new owners' plans. You'll make out way ahead of the game $$$-wise, even if you need to transport the car from a different state.

      In the end, it's your car. Cut it up until you're happy. I've sliced and diced a few cars, and meticulously preserved others. Build what you want to build. Don't take advice from some old guy on the internet as law. It's just advice.

    27. 12-19-2014 05:44 PM #132
      Ok so here is an update the boy spun a bearing so out with the1.6 in with a GTI 1.8 with plugged injector holes.
      The carnage



      Plugs we machined

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    28. Member -teknien-'s Avatar
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      Sep 7th, 2004
      Long Island NY
      83 GTI, 03 GOLF
      12-20-2014 10:04 AM #133
      Quote Originally Posted by cadwiz View Post

      Plugs we machined

      These are awesome, so much better than the pennies (heads up, of course) and RTV sealant i've used in the past.
      Quote Originally Posted by g60vw View Post
      If I thought like that I would have gotten out of mk1's back when they were still A1's
      Quote Originally Posted by goosler View Post
      screw all of you & your stupid cars.........see you at madness!
      I'm a 1%er

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