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    Thread: Anyone know fuel pump part numbers?

    1. 09-25-2008 03:48 AM #1
      OK so i need a new fuel pump but do not know the part number. Does anyone know the part number for an '85 gti 8v? And if not does anyone know if an '86 jetta fuel pump would fit? Oh the main pump is the one i need, under the car, not in the tank.

    2. 09-25-2008 03:56 AM #2
      I guess i'll also ask this as well since i made a whole new thread.
      Anytime i take my car past ~3k rpms the next time i come to a stop the rpms drop very low often stalling the engine, when it doesnt stall it bounces up and down ~1k rpms once or twice and settles at the normal place. It does this for a little while after but if i drive under 3k it will idle fine, leading me to believe its not a vacuum leak. And the idle control valve works and is clean.
      Might this be caused by my faulty fuel pump or would it be more along the lines of the accumulator or pressure regulator?

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      09-25-2008 01:31 PM #3
      Your car has two fuel pumps. The fuel pumps can be flow tested. A repair manual will tell you how. The transfer pump in the gas tank is the less expensive. Not bad to replace. About $40. PN 191 906 092 G The external fuel pump is about $50 used or $250 new. PN 191 906 091 H.
      The CIS system takes a special gauge set up to diagnose problems. I built my own years ago.
      Based on your symptoms I would suggest replacing the in-tank pump.
      They tend to go bad frequently - especially if the car is continually run with less than 1/4 tank of gas - they also exhibit a variety of symptoms and may not fail completely (which may be your problem. The pick up screen that is attached to the pump may also be clogged. You can check that when you pull the pump. I wouldn't suspect the accumulator or fuel pressure regulator. The in-tank fuel pump is a part that I carry in my spare parts box when I am travelling.
      As for the Jetta pump -- the main fuel pumps came in three diameters in the 80's and 90's. IIRC you need a 63mm fuel pump. If you are going to replace that pump you will also need a sealing "O" ring. I also usually repace the three special screws that hold the pump in the reservoir. Usually one or more of the four bonded rubber mounts that hold the fuel pump reservoir to the mounting bracket also needs replacing. They shear off at the metal to runner bonding point. I find it easiest to drop the fuel pump reservoir and bracket from the car and to work on the pump screws off the car. FR

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    4. 09-26-2008 01:04 PM #4
      Yeah i think i need both then. I was hoping that the main pump(external)/ something in its assembly was the culprit for both of my issues but it appears not.
      And now that you mention it usually when the stalling issue happens its when the tank is right around 1/4 left. Then when i put gas in the symptoms go away, i figured it was because of my driving, but i usually take it easy on the throttle after i put gas in for mileage, then once its almost time to refill i have a little fun. I'll do a little more experimenting and see what happens, but ill probably just replace i anyway.
      The pump which uses the part number you have listed is 60mm, i thought i read 63mm as well, but ive checked a few parts websites and they have 60mm listed for my car. The jetta had 52mm or 60mm of the same part number so if it is the larger one i believe it will fit my car.

      Thanks again FatRabbit your a lifesaver.

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      09-30-2008 05:24 PM #5
      The less than 1/4 tank stalling issue points to the in-tank pump. If you have over 1/4 tank there is enough pressure to transfer gas to the external tank although the supply may not be sufficient.
      Personally I'd replace that pump first. They are easy enough to replace. The pump is under a plate under the rear cargo area carpet. There is a plastic ring that needs to be taken loose along with the pump and gauge electrical connection and two fuel hoses. The assembly should pull right out. The fuel pump mounts on the assembly. You will need three or four hose clamps to reassemble if they have not been previously replaced. Lots of times the fuel return hose in the tank is all rotted. I use 7/16 OD fuel line and a clamp to replace that if needed. Do the procedure out in fresh air and no smoking or sparking because you will be working with gasoline.
      If you replace the external pump make sure you use a new sealing "O" ring and like I said previously you may find it easier to remove the small black tank from the car to unscrew the three holding screws. I have three new screws ready to go too. I have twisted quite a few off. Sometimes I have to use a vise-grip on them to get them to turn. I have a needle nose vise-grip that I use for that -- but be careful of sparking.

    6. 10-02-2008 01:32 PM #6
      OK so im going to replace them both at the same time, along with all the clamps, screws, and seals. I will be removing the whole under car contraption for sure since im replacing all the parts involved, makes it easy.

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