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    Thread: Radiator fan, air conditioner: fuse 19(30 amp) keeps blowing

    1. 06-24-2002 01:23 AM #1
      fuse 19 that controls the radiator fan and air conditioner(30 amps) instantly blows the second i try to put it in. and if it doesnt blow right then, it blows within a minute of driving.
      i dont get any cold air from my vents or air conditioning, why does it instantly blow? anyone know what is causing this? any ideas?

    2. 06-24-2002 01:49 AM #2
      short? especially if it's blowing without the key in. good place to check first is the wire harness under the battery.

    3. 06-24-2002 10:18 AM #3
      anyone else have this happen to them, and eventually find the cause?

    4. 06-24-2002 01:20 PM #4

      It might be a bad bearing on your slave radiator fan. This would put a bigger load on the fan motor and blow the fuse. You could disconnect the fan motor (or battery) and try to turn those fans by hand to check the resistance.

    5. 06-24-2002 03:40 PM #5
      As I understand it, your fuse is blowing without the car being on, right? Sounds alot like a short.

    6. Member 12 Inch Club's Avatar
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      Oct 22nd, 2001
      1992 GTI 16V
      07-17-2002 08:01 PM #6
      My brother just bought a 1991 G60 and has the exact same problem. I was wondering if you ended up finding a solution?

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