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    Thread: erratic idle, epc light, traction control light, engine light, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

    1. 10-17-2008 06:20 PM #1
      I own a 2005 golf gti 1.8lt. The other day the EPC light came on, followed by the traction control light, and then by the engine light. i lost all horsepower. i turned the car off a couple minutes later and back on the EPC light and the traction control light went away engine light stayed. the car was running fine then. the next morning i turn the car on an it begins to idle very erratically between 800 and 1200 rpms. when i gave it some gas it was fine but the second i let it idle it would continue to do it. i initially though the TPS but then later found out the my vin does not have a TPS. it apparently have some sort of sensor on the side of the gas pedal and one on the throttle body. both of them can only be obtained by purchasing either the whole trottle body ($570) or the gas pedal assembly ($180). PLEASE someone help me trouble shoot this problem.

    2. 10-17-2008 11:09 PM #2
      Can u drive the car ? or is this just sitting in the driveway..... is it bone stock ? i had something similar happen when i first got my mk4, vw cleared the code but couldnt tell me what caused it.. either way your gonna need to get the codes erased so i would make use of the 24hr vw roadside assistance (if they still offer it) and have them deal with it...

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      10-18-2008 05:48 AM #3
      i had the same problem last week took the car to 2 different dealerships and the couldnt figure out the problem..the codes i was throwing were engine speed sensor and thtottle body angle sensor 2...now make sure u check that u dont have a coolant in ur coolant sensor or ur coolant tem sensor if u do check ur ecu there was a recal on these sensors leeking internnaly and coolant traveling to the ecu connectors this may sound funny but its true...if there is coolant in the ecu take it out clean it nicely and put it back use 600 grit sand paper to clean the rust....good luck

    4. 10-18-2008 11:22 AM #4
      yes. i can still drive it. it is bone stock. last night the idle got even worse. it sounded like it wanted to stall out and the engine light was blinking instead of just staying on.

    5. 10-18-2008 11:50 AM #5
      You need to scan your car and see what is wrong..otherwise you can replace half of the car without fixing the problem. By the way you don't drive car around with engine light on , especially if you don't know what might be wrong...it will just lead to more damage.
      Engine light blinking = stop and shut down the car as soon as possible.
      Engine light on = ok to drive to nearest dealer shop
      It sounds like coilpack but you can't be sure unless you scan it. Goodluck.

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