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    Thread: Sports FS/WTB forum Q4

    1. Global Moderator Justin's Avatar
      Join Date
      Mar 7th, 2006
      2004 Ram, 84 H-Prod Scirocco, 88 Scirocco, 98 GTI x2
      10-26-2008 06:00 AM #1
      Only post sporting goods/sport memorabilia in this thread
      Either delete, or post "sold" in your post once item has sold
      Absolutely NO replies in this thread, please email or IM seller for information
      Most of all keep it clean, nothing illegal...no flaming
      Current Stable: 2013 Golf R, 1998 GTI VR6, 1990 Vanagon Tin-Top, 1996 Golf Harlequin...and a Pivot Firebird when the Germans are mad at me.

    2. Member Ltownhockey17's Avatar
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      Apr 27th, 2007
      Concord, NH
      2001 TT 225, 2005 Kawasaki Z1000
      11-02-2008 03:38 PM #2
      i have a bunch of composite shafts. a couple synergys, a bauer velocite, and a new tps...not exactly sure what modle it is
      throw me an offer for any or all of them

      Modified by Ltownhockey17 at 1:48 PM 2-28-2009

    3. 02-12-2009 01:58 PM #3
      FS: Hockey Jerseys, all XXL
      Notre Dame #09
      2001 All Star West Blue
      Bunch of others Im me if interested
      Crusty Old Curmudgeon

    4. 03-14-2009 05:33 PM #4
      Hey guys, I'm not sure if anyone on here collects, but I have a few autographed baseballs that I think Im gonna sell. I picked them up not too long ago in hopes of starting a small collection, but kinda just need some cash right now. these are some good finds and I think the prices are very fair. Also, Free Shipping on all of these items.

      1) Hank Aaron Autographed Nike Baseball. White as can be, sig quality is prob a 9/10, ball overall is a 9.5/10. no smudges or markings, discoloration or anything. Comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity.
      A steal @ $50
      2) Shawn Green Auto'd Rawlings Official MLB ball. Ball is MLB Authentic with a serialed hologram. No discoloration, minor smudge on the ball print, but none on the autograph. This ball is probably valued at $100, will sell for $50.
      3) Joe Dimaggio Autographed. I will start by coming right out and saying that I do not have a COA for this ball right now. But, being fairly good with auto's, Its pretty clear that this is authentic. I will be sending it to PSA/DNA for authenticating, but will sell it before hand for a lesser price, if you would like to save some $$$. The ball reads: "To Matt, Best Wishes, Joe Dimaggio".
      Price: No COA: $100.
      With PSA/DNA LOA: $400.
      All 3 Balls will come in a "Ultra Pro" UV Protected Ball holder/display case.
      The one pic I have right now, More will follow:

    5. Member Durbo20vT's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 30th, 2006
      Shkodra, CT
      1989 Mercedes 300SEL 1986 Chrysler Laser XT
      04-29-2009 02:54 PM #5
      These size 10ee skates were purchased new in January 2009. One90's retailed for $599 until the One95 predecessor came along. They have been worn a total of 7 times. Reason for sale is I do not like the way they feel on my feet, so I switched back to the Vapor skates. There are a few marks on the boot from the times they were used, but otherwise they are practically brand new. I may still have the box, so I will include that if desired. $275 plus shipping.

      PM me for more details

      Modified by Durbo20vT at 9:47 PM 5-11-2009

    6. Member redsoxreturns's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 17th, 2004
      W211 E550; 2007 SRX
      05-09-2009 09:18 PM #6
      Couple hats for sale;
      New Era Paw Sox hat (AAA affiliate of the Boston Red Sox). I think it's the "throwback" model. Tried on once, and realized it didn't fit. Never really "worn". Size is 7 3/8"

      There is a SLIGHT amount of dirt (grease) from trying it on. Nothing too bad. I'm a clean guy, but everyone has greasy skin.
      $20 plus shipping.
      Next is A "Twins Enterprise" Red Sox St. Patties day hat. Size is XL. Worn a few times, just a tad big. Don't like the hat enough to deal w/ the fitment.

      $15 + shipping.
      Big Bopper to March Hare..We're still in the game okay? Understand this, that scag, and his floozy....They're gonna die!

    7. Member ilde10's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 15th, 2006
      NW Washington, DC
      Mercedes Benz C300 4MATIC Luxury
      05-24-2009 11:00 PM #7
      fs: authentic TO dallas cowboys jersey #81
      size: 48 white/blue

      $90 shipped was $110 shipped!

      Modified by ilde10 at 1:11 AM 9-18-2009

    8. Member 180's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 10th, 2005
      SOuthern CALifornia
      04 GLS Wagon, 03 GTI
      06-02-2009 02:13 AM #8
      Demarini Ultimate Weapon & Worth Insanity Softball Bats
      Selling because I have no time to play anymore and theyre just collecting dust. Rather have someone put them to better use.
      bats are single wall and 34 inches 26oz.
      Both for $100 or better offer
      Prefer local pick up in Southern Cal but will ship if the price is right

    9. 07-08-2009 10:15 AM #9
      Hey guys & Gals
      Im a ASA Coach and a Little League VP of Softball Here In Eastern Oregon.
      Im looking for any and ALL softball gear. Big or small.
      Our community has been REALLY hard (who hasn't) by layoffs and such. Our gear is a bit lacking.
      I'm looking for anything you might have to help.
      I will pay I'm not looking for handouts.. But I cannot buy "New" items at new prices.
      Let me know what you have. Of course it will need to be shipped to 97850.
      Please help keep kids' dreams alive and support sports!
      J.T [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/star.gif[/IMG]

    10. Member imbossay1028's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 15th, 2008
      F22 M235i
      07-29-2009 06:03 PM #10
      set of nike blades for sale. (same ones tiger used last year) 3 iron through pw
      vokey wedges, 56, 52, 60
      titliest 983k driver
      titliest 15 degree 3 wood
      scotty cameron detour putter
      500$ takes everything with the ping hoofer extreme bag

    11. Member imbossay1028's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 15th, 2008
      F22 M235i
      07-29-2009 06:06 PM #11
      spinball wizard display cases. vortex discount to 70.00!!!
      http://www.spinballwizard.com - PLACE ORDERS THROUGH ME!!! not the website please.
      the worlds ONLY uv spinning display case for footballs and basketballs!!!
      UV protective, high quality one peice carbonate dome with a walnut base.

    12. Member xxRogueStatus's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 30th, 2008
      Long Island, NY
      Slow "Girl's Car"
      08-26-2009 12:33 AM #12
      Cascade CPRO Lacrosse Helmet: $40

      Used for a max of maybe 15 games, and stored ever since. Honestly it's in mint condition and would be great for anyone who needs it.
      eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISA...99010
      8v Society #32 | My Build Thread | IG: @xxRogueStatus

    13. 09-17-2009 02:08 PM #13
      Hello ive 2 boxing gloves for sale, the first is signed by Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez, sencond (mexican flag glove) is signed by Juan Manuel Marquez, Oscar De la Hoya, Victor Ortiz, Maromero Paez and Chicanito Hernandez. both dna certified. say 500 for both? will post pic later this weekend

    14. Member Danny P.'s Avatar
      Join Date
      Jul 29th, 2009
      Elizabeth, NJ
      96 Jetta 2.0, VR6 with no home.
      12-13-2009 08:57 PM #14
      wuts goin on i have an A5 im trying to sell has butt stock, barrel, and power tube along with an LBV style vest and pure energy tank. (i also have 3 or 4 masks that i'll throw in) please only local to camp lejeune/jacksonville NC

    15. Member .:RDriver's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 4th, 1999
      In the Shadow of the Nations Capital
      2015 Audi S4, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      01-19-2010 06:15 PM #15
      Hockey Sticks
      Been looking for the right stick so have several for sale with hardly any use on them.
      2 Bauer Vapor XXXX, P92 (Backstrom) curve, 87 flex. Right handed. One never used, one used in a couple games. $115 each.
      2 Easton Synergy ST grip, Iginla curve, 100 flex. Right handed. One never used, one used ina couple games. $115 eaach.
      All cut to 62" from ground to butt.
      $100 each for all if you want more than one stick. All great shape and perfectly usable with lots of life left. They just are not the right combination of curve and flex for me.

    16. 02-01-2010 02:12 PM #16
      Mission CSX 2010 roller hockey skates...
      used for a 1/2 game.. a couple of scuffs, nothing major.
      size 11
      retail $170
      best offer
      "Just ignore the smoke and smile..." - MJK


    17. Member dannyace's Avatar
      Join Date
      Nov 9th, 2000
      2006 Audi A3 2.0T 2015 Jetta SE 1.8T
      02-25-2010 10:53 AM #17
      I've got two black Ray Rice #27 Baltimore Ravens jerseys. New with tags. One in size 50(Large) and one in size 52(XL).
      $55 shipped for each.
      1993 VW Corrado SLC VR6

    18. Member 89GTiMk2's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 3rd, 2008
      Mansfield, PA
      1985 VW Cabby
      05-19-2010 10:45 AM #18
      Ive got a set of 15 golf clubs, as well as a Orbit Golf bag and a caddy. Ive never used the stuff and it would be an embarrassment to the sport if i kept them.


    19. 06-21-2010 12:58 PM #19
      items on long island

      No picture on ice hockey skates but can get...... shipped 55

      daiwa bag
      reebok shoes 11.5
      a.d.x 200 yonex driver
      classic 3 wood
      cougar putter
      square 2 set of irons (3,5,6,7,8,9,10(wedge))

      125 for all.............. pick up only / prefer not ship


    20. Member .:RDriver's Avatar
      Join Date
      Oct 4th, 1999
      In the Shadow of the Nations Capital
      2015 Audi S4, 1996 Ford Bronco EB
      06-24-2010 05:57 PM #20
      Jofa 9144 pro elbow pads in large. These are brand new in bag and never used. They are not available to the general public any longer, only to NHL teams so they are hard to find and are usually pro returns. I found them and took a chance on size, they're too large for me. So just selling for what I paid which is about $20 lower than any you can find on Ebay. $50 plus fees/shipping.

      Warrior Hitman shin pads 14". 2010 models just released. Got them tried them didnt really like them. Only worn about 4 or 5 times. Still like new condition, no smell, no discoloration. $70 or more everywhere, asking $55 plus shipping/fees.

      2 Bauer One95 sicks. RH, P88 curve, 87 flex. Cut at 62 1/2" from floor to butt. One never used, $130, one used about 15 times, $110. $220 for both. These are $200 sticks new, I'm just moving to a different curve and flex.

    21. Member rabbit07's Avatar
      Join Date
      Feb 22nd, 2007
      Middletown, MD
      71 VW Squareback / Suzuki M109R
      11-09-2010 03:56 PM #21
      I have a white Authentic Marion Barber Jersey for sale. its like new. no stains or damage. only worn once.

      asking $175 shipped

      size is 54 (XXL)

      pm if you want a picture.
      GONE: 07 Rabbit, 07 A4, 08 R32, 10 CC, 81 Rabbit, 13 JSW, 15 GLI

    22. Member strskatr05's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 24th, 2007
      2013 Chevy Cruze
      12-09-2010 02:19 PM #22
      I ordered two tickets through TicketMaster on December 1st for the Winter Classic. I also just found out today that I won't be in town for the game and I need to sell them. They are in section 530 Row N seats 12 and 13.

      I'm looking for $750 for both tickets, but e-mail me with offers as I will definitely consider all of them.

      These are actual tickets and not print outs or anything. I don't have them yet because TicketMaster says it takes 10-14 to get to me.

      E-mail me with questions and offers at ajowen88@gmail.com. Thanks

    23. 06-15-2011 07:22 PM #23
      mint condition and all are XXL.

      blue jackets

      will trade for ducks or anahiem angels jerseys
      formerly TVarmy04 & DUBMANG

      Quote Originally Posted by jspirate View Post
      Now, having unprotected sex... thats a whole different beast. There are some crazy hotties out there... whew!

    24. Member Rider_X's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 11th, 2004
      Los Angeles, CA - East LA by way of Portland, OR
      2002 GTI 1.8T
      08-30-2011 08:36 AM #24
      I have a pair of Men Size 10 Nike Zoom Kobe VI's Duke Royal Blue in slightly used but very good condition.
      I've played some and only indoor basketball in these and just didn't like the fit. I like the Kobe Vs better.
      Kept clean and do not smell, smells fresh actually. Soles are in very good condition with minimal wear.

      These ARE ACTUAL photos of the pair I'm selling (click on images for link to bigger images):
      RED indicates a minor tear, does NOT affect performance
      GREEN indicates surface scuffs, does NOT affect performance. Scuffs only located on heel plate.

      Sorry no original box.
      I'm open to offers but no low balling. Retail $140 $75 OBO
      Shipping not included. Located in Los Angeles, CA.
      Call or text 5038698620 if you want to reach me sooner but PM is okay.

    25. Member AZN dubs's Avatar
      Join Date
      Sep 18th, 2007
      HB, NY
      2003 GLI (RIP), 2003 GTI (RIP), 2003 GTI 24v
      11-05-2012 06:37 PM #25
      i have a few golf clubs for sale, that are all used, but in excellent condition. the titleists have 755 heads on them. prices are somewhat firm.

      Titleist 6 iron, NS pro 100. length: 37.5 and lie: 62.5 $45 shipped

      Titleist 6 iron, tri spec. length: 38 and lie: 64.5 $30 Shipped

      Titleist 6 iron, tri spec. length: 37.5 and lie: 62.5 $30 Shipped

      2-Titleist 6 iron, dynamic gold. length: 37.5 and lie: 62.5 $50 shipped each

      Titleist 6 iron, Project X. length: 37.5 and lie: 62.5 $30 shipped

      Women's King Cobra 7 iron, from the S9 set. length: 36 and lie: 62 $45 shipped
      Check out my threads for MK4 parts->>Random MK4 Gti and Jetta Parts

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