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    Thread: Best cross-country road trip car. (Suggestions request)

    1. Member Mcstiff's Avatar
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      Jan 31st, 2002
      NE Denver, CO
      1995 Sport 90 Quattro, 1991 Coupé Quattro
      11-12-2008 02:23 AM #26
      An Allroad would be great but in your price rage the risk of a turbo going out during the trip is too high.
      How about a Forester?
      The A/S8 would be great as long as you are not headed too far offroad.
      A Cherokee or Grand Cherokee would not be too bad.
      A Eurovan might be nice. One trip from Denver To Philly I was quite envious of a Westy driver who was napping at the same rest stop were I was trying to find room to nap in my Coupe.
      Ed Hankin *All posts subject to inaccuracy due to multi-tasking and autocorrect.
      1PissedOff90 1995 Sport 90 Quattro with too much to list
      1991 Audi Coupe Quattro 7aT Holset, VEMS, ETC

    2. Member Motorjunkie's Avatar
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      Aug 17th, 2007
      Westville, NJ
      '89 Golf, '02 Forester
      11-12-2008 02:32 AM #27
      VW 81, 82, 83, 84 (x2), 85, 89, 90, 92 (x2), 95, 96, 97
      Non VW 80, 89, 90, 92, 99 (x2), 01, 02 (x2)

    3. Senior Member
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      Nov 7th, 2001
      The Village
      KAR 120C
      11-12-2008 02:37 AM #28
      My best wishes for a speedy and successful recovery.
      I second the Subaru Forester XT, Outback (only in turbo/3.0 form though), or 9-5 Arc/Aero suggestions.
      My 9-5 will lope along at 85mph all day while returning ~28mpg (it can do 30-33mpg at 70-75), and has done so on camping trips with the cargo area loaded to the front seats.
      It's also an exceptionally comfortable car, with an excellent stock stereo system (9 speaker harman/kardon), great seats (mine are heated AND vented), and most of all its very quiet. Enough so that I've fallen asleep on two occasions while in the passenger seat--something I almost never do while travelling by car.
      The Forester XT is a great suggestion if you want to go offroad--throw a skidplate and rear diff guard on it and have at it. It's noisier at highway speeds than the 9-5--especially with the roof crossbars installed--and uses more fuel (rarely got more than 26mpg highway). It does out-accelerate the Saab, though.

    4. 11-12-2008 02:43 AM #29

      That's what I did my cross country in this year and I loved every minute of it. No frills, take only whats necessary, don't collect a lot of crap you won't need and just enjoy the drive. Used market is down around 13k from private sellers and a lot of them don't have very many miles on them. My '04 had 7500 when I bought it.
      Whatever you buy, have fun and enjoy the trip. GL with your treatment when you get back.
      *edit - I am 6 foot just under 200 and I fit in the car but cruise control would be the only thing I would deem necessary for a trip such as this... unfortunately I found out too late.

      Modified by Switchblade550 at 2:47 AM 11-12-2008

    5. Senior Member feels_road's Avatar
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      Jan 27th, 2005
      East Bay Area
      2016 MkVII e-Golf, 2017 MkVII Golf Alltrack, 2000 B5 4M Passat Wagon
      11-12-2008 07:52 AM #30
      I have the equivalent Passat (2.8 AWD Wagon), and could not think of another car I would want for this purpose without major investment.
      Just replace the shocks with Koni FSDs, and put on light-weight 16" wheels, and you are ready to roll. Good luck with everything. [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      After incessant complaints from a to z, I am now calling all of my characters "special."

    6. Member Tornado2dr's Avatar
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      Mar 31st, 2001
      Split Pants, VA
      11-12-2008 07:57 AM #31
      Last gen loaded Suburban. Why not bring some friends along?
      Good luck with everything.
      Quote Originally Posted by Turbio!
      They make my ass look pretty.

    7. Member XxCoryDxX's Avatar
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      Oct 6th, 2005
      Aurora, NY
      2012 370Z 2004 Aviator
      11-12-2008 08:20 AM #32
      my vote goes to the 04-06 GTO, the only thing lacking is trunk space, I did 750 miles in a sitting twice with mine, and was fine; the car also gets about 27mpg, as long as you keep it under 100

    8. Member Live-Wire's Avatar
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      Jun 9th, 2005
      Georgetown Ontario
      2015 Mazda CX-5 GT, 2012 Dodge Journey 3.6 R/T AWD
      11-12-2008 08:21 AM #33
      Volvo wagon = ultimate road trip car... I've done many in one. Some of the cars mentioned here I wouldn't want to do 2 hours in let alone probably 20 days worth of driving (he said a few weeks)... You can live in the seats of a Volvo (or Saab) - most other cars you NEED to get out after a couple hours, and getting back in again is torture. If you're getting something specifically to do a roadtrip, go with the best.
      The LR is cool - but it probably would break down.
      The TT is a decent option - they are fairly comfortable cars.
      I've got a B5 A4 too - I find they don't make a good long distance car... the fuel range is terrible (I like around an 800km fuel range on a road trip car so I only have to fill up at the end of the day - not definitely once in the middle as well) with only around 500-550kms before you're at the fuel reserve (my car uses around 9-10L per 100kms on the highway with a 60L tank).... the seats aren't very good (my old Mk4 Golf was more comfortable for long distance driving), and the wind noise is a bit annoying in them.

    9. 11-12-2008 08:28 AM #34
      Quote, originally posted by 1.8t man »


    10. Member
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      May 7th, 2000
      San Francisco, CA
      2009 BMW 128i, 1983 Jeep CJ-8 Scrambler
      11-12-2008 08:37 AM #35
      Are you deadset on buying and not renting? I just did a long road trip of my own (5 weeks) in a rental and its the only way I would do it. I ran the numbers every which way (buy vs rent), UNLESS the car you are buying for this trip would be a car you are buying anyways and plan to keep after the trip. In which case my post is the worst one in this thread.

    11. Member GoLfUnV's Avatar
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      Oct 29th, 2003
      Atlanta, GA
      2010 JSW, 2010 GTi, 1998 GTi
      11-12-2008 08:37 AM #36
      Well since you are a audy guy how about one of these two, and no matter what stay positive, because that is only thing that can get you trough this.

      Sarajevo, Horde Zla, Bog i Carsija

    12. Member Samson's Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 1999
      11-12-2008 08:55 AM #37
      Quote, originally posted by Nourdmrolnmt »

      They aren't bad... a bit rough at times, but they make most anything fun and the mileage and storage is incredible. Plus you always have that worry in the back of your head that the engine is going to commit suicide by way of intermediate shaft failure in the middle of BFE West Virginia. Luckily, it didn't. And it won't. Ever.
      I'd want something that is comfortable, gets respectable mileage, and is fun both on and off road for those times when you want to go play in the desert. Something like an Outback/Legacy/Impreza or similar.

    13. Member kevster03's Avatar
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      Dec 2nd, 2005
      Columbus Ohio
      07 Rabbit, 89 Peugeot 405 mi16
      11-12-2008 09:29 AM #38
      i def. second the audi wagon suggestion. comfortable, refined and you can have a 2000 A6 wagon for ~$8k
      You'll be better after your treatment. No worries. Most importantly stay positive

      ... or if you like to live dangerously like me i suggest a Peugeot 505 wagon... nothing is more comfortable!

      Modified by kevster03 at 9:35 AM 11-12-2008

    14. Member stealthmk1's Avatar
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      Aug 16th, 2001
      Philadelphia, PA
      84 GTI/86 4000q/92 VR6T/07 Rabbit/12 GTI/97 F-350
      11-12-2008 09:36 AM #39
      WRX wagon [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG] [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]
      You can fit more that you think into them, and my wife and I even slept in the back of ours a few times. Turbo power, but if you stay out of boost can be pretty frugal too. Great in all weather conditions if you plan to hit mountian states (what would a cross country trip be without them? )

    15. Banned
      Join Date
      Sep 14th, 2004
      11-12-2008 10:44 AM #40
      Quote, originally posted by rcigti02 »
      you obviously have no idea of what a mint 23 window deluxe Microbus would fetch. If you can find a solid 23 window for $13K, I'll buy it. Hell, basket cases are going for $6K. Also he said $13K.

    16. Member 2 doors's Avatar
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      Jun 18th, 2003
      Baltimore, MD
      '16 e-Golf SE, '00 GTI 1.8t, '15 Accord Sport CVT, '92 F-250 4X4
      11-12-2008 11:01 AM #41
      I've thought about this road trip idea. If you really want to go all over the country, I say stay away from anything foreign. I know this won't sit well with the euro-centric CL, but try getting parts for your Audi TT or Land Rover in BFE Montana if it breaks.
      The Crown Vic or any US SUV would fit the bill much better. Every podunk town has a Ford or Chevy dealer in it or one close by and all the Auto-zones and stuff will probably have parts.
      Personally, I'd go for a used S197 Mustang GT (convertible if you like) - peppy, decent enough handling, or a TJ Wrangler Unlimited if you want to go more off the beaten track.

    17. Banned justanotherusername's Avatar
      Join Date
      May 26th, 2007
      Palm Beach, FL
      '08 135i, '00 4runner, '85 Huntsman (Toyota) RV
      11-12-2008 11:16 AM #42
      I did a cross country road trip two summers ago. I bought a small RV and spent four months travelling. The RV made it possible to stay comfortably in a lot of places where hotels would have been expensive. I stayed over a week at the Grand Canyon, two weeks in Yellowstone (I would have stayed there longer but there's a 14 day camping limit during the summer season), and then about 3 weeks roaming around Oregon.
      I'll make you a sweet deal on the RV if you want

    18. Member
      Join Date
      Oct 4th, 2000
      San Francisco, CA
      11-12-2008 11:29 AM #43
      FJ80 landcruiser!

    19. Geriatric Member PJA's Avatar
      Join Date
      Dec 1st, 1999
      Nashville, Tennessee
      1994 Mazda Miata, 2000 Honda Odyssey
      11-12-2008 11:33 AM #44
      I've taken my E39 wagon on two 3000+ mile roadtrips this year with no issues, and it's a nice road car. It was under $13K, too.

    20. Banned patrickvr6's Avatar
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      Dec 29th, 2001
      Marietta GA
      '77 Bronco '85 Toyota 4x4 '87 930 '91 M5 '08 Xterra
      11-12-2008 11:37 AM #45

    21. Member compy222's Avatar
      Join Date
      Apr 7th, 2005
      Pothole, Midwest
      Honda Fanboy Collection
      11-12-2008 11:38 AM #46
      WRX Wagon would be a good choice. Any turbo subaru would be alright. If you're thinking smaller, a mazdaspeed miata would be fun. A 5 speed a4 avant would be fun too.
      Get better man!
      Best of luck!
      Quote Originally Posted by capsaicin View Post
      AP1 S2000? I can not in good conscience talk you out of that. May your slip angle be great and your bed not be the couch!

    22. Member EUROBORA8V's Avatar
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      May 15th, 2005
      Moscow, Russia/Los Angeles
      03 Jetta Wagon 1.8T, 08 Polo 9N3 1.4TDI, 14 Tiguan 6MT, 87 IZH Kombi
      11-12-2008 12:05 PM #47
      2. AUDI A6
      3. AUDI A4
      4. Volvo XC70

    23. Member turbo_nine's Avatar
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      Jul 6th, 2000
      the kidney people wouldn't take it
      11-12-2008 12:18 PM #48
      Quote, originally posted by kevster03 »
      ... or if you like to live dangerously like me i suggest a Peugeot 505 wagon... nothing is more comfortable!

      I can't suggest it for a total lack of places that would work on it, but on paper these are tremendously good for a road trip. Available 8-seaters, very long wheelbase, turbo engines and French ride comfort.
      call it potatography

    24. Member Big Morgan's Avatar
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      Aug 31st, 2004
      Minneapolis, MN
      2007 Passat Wagon VR6
      11-12-2008 12:39 PM #49
      Quote, originally posted by patrickvr6 »

      Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous
      Apparently, these “frat-boys” think Craig’s List is more entertaining than Survivor.

    25. Member fiatjeepdriver's Avatar
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      Nov 22nd, 2005
      Southern Oregon
      71 Fiat 850, 88 Saab 900s, 97 Ranger, 01 JGC
      11-12-2008 12:44 PM #50
      recently i took a 3,000+ mile trip in my S60 and it wasn't bad. i averaged mid-high 20's for economy and you can find decent examples of a newer S60 for under your budget.

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