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    Thread: accessory belt tensioner misaligned

    1. 12-02-2008 08:48 AM #1
      Hey guys and gals,
      I did my first timing belt over the weekend (121,608 mi) and installed everything just fine (there was a bunch of pipes in the way, but I had the whole weekend).
      At the end, I noticed that the accessory belt tensioner is misaligned from the belt. I did remove the tensioner to get access to the timing belt covers and then replaced it afterwards. It is further in (closer to the engine) than the "accessory alignment" and is holding 4 of the 6 teeth on the belt.
      Is this normal? I don't believe I have seen this (or checked this) before. Is the tensioner bad? Should I install spacers on the tensioner bolts to align it?

    2. 12-02-2008 09:04 AM #2
      I think I may have found my problem...
      from the timing belt DIY by Tim_1.8T, step #6:
      Quote, originally posted by Tim_1.8T »
      *Note* The Black Bracket goes between the bolts and the tensioner not the tensioner and the head! Remeber this or your belt will not be aligned properly.

      The way I installed it was bolt head, tensioner, bracket, head. So I guess it should be bolt head, bracket, tensioner, head.
      But I can't see this moving the tensioner further out from the head to align with the belt. I'll have to try this after work.

    3. 12-15-2008 11:05 AM #3
      Hey guys and gals,
      I got this fixed this weekend. It was that bracket. The bracket has 2 holes (not 3 like the tensioner) and that's why when the 3rd bolt was tightened, it would pull the tensioner closer to the engine.
      I was able to get at it with some universal socket adapters and some extensions without removing anything.
      Thanks guys!!

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