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    Thread: What is the Stock Boost for a 2002 1.8t GTI and what can you boost it at..

    1. 07-01-2002 05:47 AM #1
      Can you help in finding out what the stock turbo in the GTI boost at..........

    2. 07-01-2002 07:39 AM #2
      Sure. First, see the little thing called "search" up top on the right hand side? Good. Now click on it, and type in 2002 GTI max boost in the empty box. And voila....the results are in.

      But, if you don't want to use it to find some interesing things about our cars, then here it is:
      2001 max WOT psi: 8.6
      2002 max WOT psi: 11.6
      You can run the 1.8T past 14psi. Most chips run 14.7psi for numerous reasons. Remember, this is just at WOT, but the acctual boost SPIKE can rach at over 20psi of boost!!

      [Modified by Damir, 7:40 AM 7-1-2002]

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