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    Thread: What would cause P0740 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction

    1. 12-13-2008 06:08 PM #1
      Like the topic says what would cause this? The code is still pending and isnt official but i fear it will be as its a new issue that arous. First time i seen it.
      Also i have a code for evaporative emission control system malfunction that just came up recently. i never had a problem with this in the past either. (had codes for other things but not either of these 2)
      Secondairy air injection improper flow came up as a code previously but since i cleared the CEL it hasnt resumed, YET. The system hasnt finished testing the secondairy air yet so it very well may come back up too but it may not, as ive never had a problem with this either.
      All the sudden in the past month a bunch of codes have been popping up with these 3 being the latest. I fixed the issue with everything else so they are gone but so far i have 2 new ones, one of which is pending and another one i am awaiting the arrival of.
      But where should i start looking with the torque converter clutch circuit and where should i start looking on the evap issue? (i checked gas cap!)
      Have: P0440 Evaporative Emission Control System Malfunction
      Pending: P0740 Torque Converter Clutch Circuit Malfunction
      Expecting: P0411 Secondairy Air Injection Incorrect Flow.
      G*d d*mn this car is junk! does nothing better but eat all my money and my pocket lint too! Timing chain is past due, i can hear the chain slack from 20 feet away. F*K me!

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      Modified by ws6transam2002m6 at 3:13 PM 12-13-2008

    2. 12-14-2008 11:47 AM #2

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      12-14-2008 08:11 PM #3
      As for the P0440 code I would go over your vacuum lines in the car, check to see if you have any broken hoses. It pretty much indicates that there is a leak in the evaporative emissions system or a faulty canister valve(s).
      As for the P0740 code that is usiually not a good sign. This indicates that you have a problem with the Torque converter clutch circuit or possibly a bad torque converter. It could also be a fluid related problem as passages in the valvebody or transmission could be clogged causing erratic torque converter clutch lockup/disengage.
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