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I made a new pal today. We will call him Greasy Russian.
Thank you, Greasy Russian, for inspiring me.
You glared at me and sneered because a had 185 on the bar and you loaded 315.
You did three sets of 2ish. I did 9x3.
You didn't get the bar below six inches from your chest. Not only did my bar touch my chest, it paused there and then exploded upward.
Your bar looked like a see saw going up. My bar was level all the way up.
I take pride in knowing I can lift more than 97% of the people that have memberships to my gym. I despise you, Greasy Russian.
And because of that, you inspire me.

had one of those at my gym, lets call him '5 foot 4 butterball that works out once a week and its only benching'
while grunting and staring everyone down, with the form that youve decribed, he bends his back into an upside down U while repping 300+ for 1-2. nice [IMG]http://*****************.com/smile/emthup.gif[/IMG]