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    Thread: TDI timing belt change interval

    1. 12-23-2008 12:46 PM #1
      I am confused as to when the timing belt in my 2005.5 Jetta TDI (with the BRM engine code) is supposed to be changed. The information contained in my owner's manual documents and the information contained under the vw.com website for 2005 model year TDIs (there was no option to select the 2005.5 model) indicates it should be inspected at 80K miles and replaced at 100K miles. However, the 2006 model is supposed to have its timing belt changed at 80,000 miles. I think the engine in the old body style (A4) TDIs built in 2005 is different than the engine in the 2005.5 new body style cars. My dealer says my timing belt should be changed at 80K miles. Does anyone know the real answer?

    2. 12-23-2008 02:29 PM #2
      It's 100k mile. Don't let your dealer do the TB job for you. Be sure to get a FULL 100k mile TB kit and find a trusted mechanic.
      If you feel unsafe, you're always welcome to do the TB earlier.

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      12-23-2008 02:50 PM #3
      Quote, originally posted by TDIIDman »
      Does anyone know the real answer?

      Check tdiclub for the answer.
      Personally, I plan to replace TB ever 80K miles, which is about 120K km. That is what most literature I have seen recommend.

    4. 12-26-2008 06:26 PM #4
      The owner's manual for my car says that a timing belt change is required at 144,000 km (90,000 mi) and then 160,000 km (100,000 mi).
      Obviously this makes no sense, and an attempt to clarify it with a dealer was not successful, so I have opted for doing it every 144,000 km (90,000 mi). I have a local VW specialist shop do it, not the dealer ...

    5. 01-26-2009 02:22 PM #5
      It would certainly be nice if VW would make the Timing Belt change interval easier for all of us. My 2005.5 owner's manual, too, indicates a check is due at 80K, with a change due at 90K, AND, 100K miles. This makes no sense, of course. Additionally, if you check out VW's site under the "Maintenance Schedules," it is indicated that the change is due at 100K miles for a 2005, but 80K for a 2006. Would it be too much to ask for VW to get their act together. I think the information in the 2005.5 owners' manuals was really intended for MK4 cars since the maintenance schedules show the same intervals for them, as for the 2005.5 model. Great. I'm at 84K, not feeling the love to fork over a grand or so to the shop, and it's too dang cold to do a DIY driveway special right now. My second DSG service is due, too, but I might be willing to try that one myself this time once it warms up a little. But on the bright side, only 6 more payments! I now see what people mean when they talk of the expense of European car ownership. Of course, I found out first hand when I had to pay $400 + to replace my door's electrical connector.

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