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    Thread: Hi, vw newbie trying to fix family 01'tdi

    1. 01-07-2009 02:26 PM #1
      hey guys, I am normally a nissan guy and I should be able to do the repairs needed to get this car running right, but I could use some help.
      So here is the deal, my mother has a 01 jetta tdi, a little over 100k miles, drives fine but has the check engine light on.
      She had a diagnostic done on the car and it returned the following error codes:
      1.9l r4 edc g000AG 2839
      3 codes:
      17656 P1248 035
      commencement of injector regulation
      control difference
      16764 p0380 035
      glow plug/heater circuit "a"
      17978 p1570 035
      engine control module( ECM) disabled
      Ok, from those three codes here is what I can infer; there is a clogged injector, or a faulty injector (which one, unknown to me), the glowplug for cylinder "A" is bad or the heater is bad (i am assuming there is a heater for the glow plug?) and because of this the ECU is in limp-mode.
      are these assumptions correct?
      what needs replacing? ill buy the parts and do it just need to know what the m-o is on this thing.
      any guides on this site to show how to replace the parts or i can just grab a guide at the autoparts store?
      also, the ecu problem, I am assuming that is caused by the prior two fault codes, once i fix the injector and glow plug, how do i go about resetting the ecu if thats needed?
      thanks a bunch

    2. 01-07-2009 02:44 PM #2
      16764 indicates that current is not flowing to one or more glow plugs.
      Diagnostic procedure: Pull the harness off the glow plugs (look like spark plugs and in the same place on the engine). Check for electrical continuity between each glow plug terminal and the engine block. Replace any glow plugs found to be "open-circuit" (no electrical connection). The resistance is supposed to be approx 1 ohm, and you can check them with a multimeter, but most multimeters do not give accurate readings at such low resistances, so just use "somewhere near 1 ohm" as meaning that the glow plug is good.
      If all check out OK, set multimeter for "voltage" and measure between glow plug terminal inside the harness and the engine block. Have an assistant switch on the key. This test must be done with ambient temperature below approx 5 C and the car having sat outside in that for hours (otherwise it won't attempt to use the glow plugs). There should be 12 volts to the glow plugs for a short period (depending on temperature) after switching on the key. If not -> make sure the fusible link is not blown. If it is, look for short-circuited glow plugs.
      If no faults found with the above, replace the glow plug harness (the 4 connectors that plug onto the glow plugs) because they often have internal connections that go bad.
      17656 indicates that the injection timing is incorrect. This is most likely responsible for hard warm starting and driveability problems. When is the last time the timing belt was changed ... ? ? ? Setting the injection timing requires some knowledgeable work with VAG-COM. Really, this should be done according to the factory service manual ... don't skip steps and don't take short cuts.

    3. 01-08-2009 11:51 AM #3
      ok here is an update, I am going to replace all 4 glow-plugs just because I have no service record showing them being replaced. the timing issue seems a bit more complex. anyone else have any more info on that problem?
      also the ecu fault code?
      p.s. i have a service record showing the timing belt being replaced 20k mi ago
      maybe it wasnt replaced properly?

      Modified by gabedm at 8:52 AM 1-8-2009

    4. 01-08-2009 12:45 PM #4
      I almost guarantee that the injection-timing code is because it was never set properly after the timing belt replacement.
      All recent versions of VAG-COM have a "TDI Timing Checker" function. Do that, and report back with results.

    5. Member
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      Jan 10th, 2003
      '09 335d
      01-08-2009 11:52 PM #5
      If the car is in Miami, I am willing to bet the glowplugs have never even cycled, lol..
      They aren't the cause of your problem... I'd like to see the timing graph as GoFaster mentioned. Most likely it's off.

    6. 01-14-2009 12:53 PM #6
      well i did get a glow plug fault code?? so atleast one of them is bad, and moreover I have been notified that the car has hard starts as of late. The plugs just came in so im going to change them in the next hour or so.
      updates then, and my buddy has that vag-com thing so we are going to check it out

    7. Member
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      Apr 15th, 2004
      Hatfield, MA
      2010 Golf TDI 6M 2Dr
      01-14-2009 05:28 PM #7
      I moderate temps, the glow plugs will come on very briefly. This can be seen in VagCom in the engine module. I don't remember which measuring block, but there's one that shows glow time. Every time I've looked, no matter what the ambient temp was, there has always been a value.
      On an 8/9 year old car, the GPs are probably due to be changed. But be forewarned, the CEL won't go off by itself. You'll need to have it cleared. Go to tdiclub.com and find someone in your area with VagCom. The generic OBDII readers don't always give accurate fault codes.
      If the ECM were disabled, the car wouldn't run. Get the other issues checked and fixed and it might solve the 3rd issue.

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