Hey Guys, as it states in the title. I just finish my one year project for my mk3 golf and now I am not even going to see it run. My lose is your gain. Economy is still in the crapper so I need to sell this asap. I have receipts , paperwork and machine shop documentation. Just email me if you have any questions, or if your interested. Thanks
I live in Redding, CT so any local peeps are welcome to come look at it.
Here is a list of everything done to it,
3.0l VR6 motor includes:
Bored out and honed 3.0l engine block 83mm
New rings, bearing, and fitting
Forged Pistons 8:5:1
Forged Chromoly 4340 Rods
Light weight forged Crankshaft
New Oil Pump
New upper and lower guide rails
Rebalanced, pressure tested and fully assembled
Cylinder head:
Alloyed valves both intake and exhaust
Stage 3 port job
3 angle competition valves job
New HD compression valve springs
Titanium Retainers
Light weight lifters
Polished and re-assembles and mounted to long block
256 FI cams
Top end polished on Valve cover
Big Bore Throttle Body
Plus APR head bolt set
I AM LOOKING FOR OFFERS, I paid almost 6 grand for everything so please be reasonable, the motor has 0 miles on it after the rebuild. Thanks

Here are some pictures I took with my phone at the machine shop 99% complete.!!!!!
What you see is what you get!!!!!