As we all know, the administration at VMG has seen fit to allow those of us that want to discuss firearms to do so in the Hiking & Outdoors forum. This is as a service to the members, as that type of discussion is not allowed other places on the site, and there is not going to be a firearms forum here.

We all also know two other things:

Political arguments, insults, etc, are strictly against the rules here in our forums. Since we do not allow political discussions on this website, there is a fine line that needs to be walked regarding what is allowed to be discussed in here and what is not.

Firearms, their ownership, and use, can sometimes be a hot topic, and can engender heated discussion that can easily veer off into areas that lead to breaking the rules that I mentioned above. Because of this, in the past we have tried to keep the firearms related discussion in this forum to strictly shooting related topics. There have been several threads locked lately for this reason.

After discussion with the administration of the forums, it has been agreed that there can be some latitude given as far as the range of firearm related topics in here goes, providing that the main rules prohibiting political arguments, insults, flaming, etc are not broken. This is because we realize that there isn't necessarily a home for this discussion elsewhere on our forums, and that the people in here have, for the most part, been able to be on the whole mature about such things in the past.

If people would like to discuss gun-related legislation, news stories, etc, that's ok, again providing that the discussion is handled in a mature manner by all parties, and that none of the main rules are broken. While we will be allowing more latitude than in the past, the forum will not become a free-for-all, and moderation will continue where needed.

If there are any questions about the new policy, please feel free to contact either myself or Anthony@VMG about it directly.

Thanks, and enjoy!