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    Thread: Audi Exclusive Sighting: Candy Apple Green TTS Roadster at AudiBlog.NL

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      02-20-2009 12:42 AM #1

      The candy apple hues seem to be a theme today. While we're sure the fruitful term isn't official, you get the jist when you see the pics. This time around it's a metallic vibrant green on a TTS Roadster. A whole collection of photos of the car can be seen over at AudiBlog.nl after the jump.
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    2. Member robokn's Avatar
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      02-20-2009 03:13 AM #2
      A brave choice but could look very nice with the right parts

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      02-21-2009 10:18 AM #3
      that is bad ass. the whole Audi Exclusive any color thing is really taking off.
      I wonder if you can use House of Kolor or PPG stuff. you know, the stuff they typically paint hot rods with.
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